Archive | June, 2010

6.23.10 Last Day on Klamath

I have decided that this will be my last day on the Klamath until the first Fall rains.  Simply too warm, weedy and tough on the fish.  This beauty was raised out of the water for only a second to snap a photo of a beautiful Summer Steelhead that sucked down a golden stone dry in white water. The reel sang a song to my regular client Jeff who just caught his first steelhead on a dry. Continue Reading →


Paddling a 1934 Thompson wooden canoe that my Dad restored when I was a kid was a great way to spend fathers day.  Shooting my Step Father’s Leica M3 finished it out nicely. Happy Fathers Day. Continue Reading →

Injured & Out of Commission.

I work hard, row hard and paid for it. I slipped a disc, look like an old man and am whining from the pain so my girl friend gives me more of that lovely sympathy. Be back soon!