6.22.10 Back on the Klamath

A trip for Shasta Trout on the Klamath. Still fishing fantastic but water is warming and weeds are annoying. I got to meet two great guys on a huge 14 mile float from Iron Gate to I-5.  Mike and Bill could fish and we has a spectacular day. They are too sticks who could take advantage of the good fishing. There were periods when we caught fish on every drift for a dozen passes. We had a blast.  You guys can fish in my boat any time.

The river is low and getting too weedy for me. Reviving fish takes time and patience.  Please learn to do this properly as many released fish die in these warm waters.

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  1. Bill Pascoe July 8, 2010 at 9:24 pm #

    Hey John,

    Mike and I had a great time as well. Thank you for a great day and all your hard work rowing up that same run 12 times! It was worth it though landing those 14 fish on 12 drifts! WOW what a way to end a day on the Klamath.

    I wish you continued great fishing and I hope all you trips will be as good as the one Mike and I had with you this June.

    Thank you for the tricks for landing the Summer run Steelhead too, I used the same method on the Upper Sacramento the next week with the river flow above 1650 cfs and was able to land two very nice natives around 21″ and 19″! I wouldn’t have been able to move the fish in that current otherwise but lowering the rod tip to the water allowed me to convince the brutes to swim upstream far enough to allow me to pop the rod tip up and net both fish!

    it worked very well and I thank you very much for showing us how you do it.

    Thank you and hope to fish with you again,

    Bill Pascoe

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