The Klamath River

 The Klamath River begins its course in southern Oregon and traverses its way through wild and remote mountainous canyons in far Northern California on its way to the Pacific Ocean. In the 60’s and 70’s the river supported legendary Chinook and Steelhead returns supporting numerous fishing lodges and resorts. It then started having diminished returns due to the rivers health being compromised to the point that fishing it was no longer an option. Dams, agriculture, mining, and logging all contributed to decimating its historic fish populations but it has steadily seen a resurgence and now supports a robust run of Salmon and Steelhead due to tighter regulations. The future of this politically charged river is even brighter now with the possible removal of the upstream dams mandated by the federal government. The Salmon in early fall start migrating through the system and right behind them are the Steelies. The famous “half pounder” run peaks in October and double digit days can be had. The adults are also showing then and continue their march on the upper reaches through March. Wild Waters Fly Fishing offers a variety of fishing for these beast including drifting and wading. Variety is what we provide whether it is swinging flies with a single or double handed rod, drifting eggs and nymphs from the boat or even targeting a Salmon we can provide you with an arsenal of options. Winter Steelhead days can be epic and our guides can put you on water that sees very few anglers and undisturbed fish. May and June offer exciting dry fly fishing during the Salmon Fly hatch with the opportunity to catch a native rainbow or hook into a late/early Steelhead. This is a must river to enjoy the “tug is the drug” of a Steelhead and our guides are here for you to accomplish that.


Klamath River Below Iron Gate Dam

  • Flow: 1010 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 2.06 ft

Klamath River at Seiad

  • Flow: 1940 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 3.10 ft

Klamath River at Orleans

  • Water Temp: 43.34 ° F
  • Flow: 6470 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 6.03 ft

Klamath Drift3