The McCloud River

Home of the most famous rainbow trout in the world and the browns that eat them.

Eternally Wild

A film by California Trout on the Smith River.

Welcome to the great State of Jefferson.

A truly mythical fishing destination.

Premium guide trips.

In Northern California and Southern Oregon,
all-year, everyday.


“I am extremely picky about who I hire as a guide. I have hired many, and have only returned to one company over and over again – Wild Waters Fly Fishing.
Thanks to them, I feel comfortable fishing the McCloud on my own, confident that I will choose the right flies and find the feeding lanes. I feel safe with them. And I am a stronger fisher as a result of their teaching and patience. They focus on what the client wants out of the trip…very client focused.
I have learned incredible casting tricks for catching steelhead to get a perfect drift which makes even the pickiest fish bite.
I am a regular customer and would not go with any other company. Believe me, I researched guides for a while before I went with them years ago. I have been a regular customer ever since.
Regards, Happy Female Client”
“Fishing with John at Wild Waters is always a great experience. This trip focused on a day on the McCloud where John’s experience really paid off because he knew where all the big browns were hiding. The next day was all about Stealhead, floating the Klamath. Great fun and some nice fish. The last day was spent on some secret holes on the Upper Sacramento. Not only is John knowledgeable,(think fish whisperer), but he is patient and fun to spend long days on the water with. I highly endorse Wild Waters Fly Fishing Guide Services. I wouldn’t fish the Mt Shasta area without them.”
“Wild Waters offers an emmersion into the world of NorCal flyfishing that doesn’t come around very often. They not only were incredible teachers of technigue and fly selection, they were true sportsman with a depth of knowledge of the McCloud, the Klamath, and many other California rivers. They took me into a remote part of the McCloud that was tricky to hike into and wade through (an area that I would not be able to access on my own bc I’m an above the knee amputee), and they made it an experience of a lifetime standing side by side me through fast rapids, and sneaking up on boulders to scout good holes, and tweaking my casting technigue just enough to land dozens of rainbows. I will never fish with anyone else again in NorCal. I’m hooked on Wild Waters for the long term!”
“John and Chuck are incredible guides. Aside from being great guys, they couldn’t have been any more helpful as they took us from beginners to catching fish in a matter of minutes, with tips to remember for next time.”
“I’ve fished with the guys at Wild Waters a few times now (I think I’ve fished will all but one of their guides), and they have impressed me more and more each time. They know the water incredibly well, and it even feels like the know the individual fish sometimes. Plus they’re fun guys to fish with, and you can’t underestimate the value of that. Recommended without reservation.”
“Fantastic experience. Knowledgeable, personable guides made it a tremendous fishing adventure.
Thanks guys!”
“John and Chuck were incredible guides during my recent fly fishing trip. Being a complete novice, they were extremely patient and informative. I learned so much and can’t wait to return to the sport! I highly recommend them as guides for fishers of all levels and ages.”
“I went out with Chuck for a full day and loved every minute. He’s an excellent fisherman and teacher. I’ve fallen in love with a new sport. Wild Waters rocks!”
“John and Chuck are fantastic! I have gone on two trips to the McCloud with John and Chuck as guides, both times with a group of varying skill sets. They both are knowledgeable, patient, wonderful teachers who also happen to be a ton of fun. From the beginners to our most experienced anglers, we were all thrilled to be on the river with Chuck and John. I would recommend them to everyone without hesitation.”
“They don’t come better! I’ve fished with countless guides and outfits, and I can honestly say that Wild Waters are the best around.
They have immense knowledge of the river and history of the places you go and have countless fishing techniques to take you to the next level.
If you’re looking for the ultimate fishing trip, look no further.”
“The guides at Wild Waters Fly Fishing are truly some of the best that I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with on the water.
They’re incredibly knowledgeable, fun and know how to catch a ton of fish. Whether they were guiding some of the more experienced fishermen in our group, or teaching others the ways of nymphing and dry flies, they were awesome, and everyone in our group had a great time.
It’s also worth noting that these guys are some of the best fishermen on water, no exaggeration. They taught us some new casting and nymphing techniques that immediately increased the # (and size) of the fishing that we were catching.
John, Chuck, Tory, thanks so much for everything. It was great!
Tight Lines, David”

“I had the opportunity to fish the McCloud River with 15 friends at the beginning of October. Being new to fly fishing, the guides made my experience – Chuck and John were patient, instructive and FUN. The stunning setting, abundant trout and awesome company made this an unforgettable trip. I would highly recommend Wild Waters Fly Fishing guides to the experienced or novice fishermen! An experience of a lifetime…”

“I recently had the pleasure of fishing with a large group of guys with Wild Waters and can safely say they exceeded all of our expectations. With a very diverse group of anglers comes a wide range of expectations and the guys at Wild Waters fulfilled them all. Everyone left excited about returning next season for a longer trip.”
“The title says it all: Wild Waters is the best guide service in Northern California.
I fished with them for winter Steelhead on the Klamath River and Rogue River and was blown away with how well they knew those waters and provided tips, input, and talked about the rivers that really made the experience a special one. There are too many “cookie-cutter” guides in N. California and these guys break the mold.
It’s also worth noting that if you lose count of how many wild Steelhead you catch, you really have some amazing guides. Bravo!”

March Fishing Report 2016 Mt. Shasta Headwaters

We started off March with heavy rains.  Norther California and Souther Oregon rivers swelled with much needed water.  Some rivers didn’t become fishable for the entire month.  Among the rivers that did settle was the Sacramento.  The upper sac is still pushing with good amounts of water but plenty of fishing exists from the bank and fish are available within striking distance.  The lower sac has dropped well into shape and flows from Shasta lake are back to low.  The fishing has been in the “red hot” category for now and we expect great fishing to continue for the next couple months.

Dog crk confluenceThe confluence of Dog Creek and the Upper Sacramento river.  Ripping at over 100 times its summer flow.

Dog crkEvery little ditch in the State of Jefferson flushed out anything in its way.

shasta lakeShasta Lake filling up
OPWhen a bunch of steelhead guides get out to go fishing, we spend a good amount of time chilling on the side of the river laughing at each other.  All part of a great day on the water!
Anthony Jet boat Anthony and I took out the jet boat!  Talk about a fun toy.  We drove around on the big river and up some of the small creeks.  They weren’t so small at the time though.BertThe Sac is back and the fat rainbows that live here are on the feed.

Bert2 Some of the hardest fighting trout around.

bignetstaywet Double, double.  Big net stay wet.

BrianJust a couple more.

brian2 Rainbow trout, healthy rainbow trout

chuck DavidThats a male

david Thats a female

double1 Thats two females

Hedge CRK Hedge creek falls

Jim The Chuck and Jim team

Jim2Strikes again


Right below Iron Gate at 10K.

Right below Iron Gate at 10K.

High water pushed passed the banks.

High water pushed passed the banks.

Flows on the Klamath reaching flood stage.

Flows on the Klamath reaching flood stage.

Klamath Carl on the Lower Sac.

Klamath Carl on the Lower Sac.

Perry Sims found some goof ones when the Lower Sac was at 17000 cfs.

Perry Sims found some good ones when the Lower Sac was at 17000 cfs.

The Upper Sac can fish great at high flows.

The Upper Sac can fish great at high flows.

Fly Fishing the Lower Sacramento. Under the famed Sundial Bridge.

Fly Fishing the Lower Sacramento. Under the famed Sundial Bridge.

People on the Sun Dial Bridge cheered.

People on the Sun Dial Bridge cheered.

This is an average size.

This is an average size.

Fear No Fish but watch out for that bug.

Fear No Fish but watch out for that bug.

It is so beautiful here in the spring.

It is so beautiful here in the spring.

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February Fishing Report 2016

February brings Wild Waters Fly Fishing all over the place.   We’ve been in 3 different states, floating, wading, casting, hooking and last but not least,  some catching.  Unseasonable warm weather made for some great days out on the river.  The rains are back and California is swamped under some much needed water.  Spring conditions are right around the corner.  Hope to see you out there!!!



Klamath River Iron Gate always seems to have some nice fish around.










The call of the coast brings you back.



Happy Leap Year Birthday to Peter Sharer. Thanks for spending your birthday with us.


Lower Sac trout fishing has been fabulous and we are excited to spend some time chasing trout again.DSCN1064



sleeping at the north

Its hard work being a steelhead fisherman…  A nice warm day in Feb., plus a friend that wants to swing a run, plus a gravel bar, plus a hangover… equals nap time…


Yet another dog that wanted to fish with us.  This is Sadie.  I never met her owner but I’m thinking Sadie got let out to pee in the morning and decided my cott was a good place to go back to bed.

ocean view

Drive along the 101, and get to where you want to go, sometimes slow…

The Kid holds a nice one!!  @acflyfishing

Gabe Duran

Pedro and the Kid!!  with Gabe Duran


So shiny, so chrome!  Just a beautiful Coastal Steelhead


The Portal of Destiny


Anthony guides Chris into a chrome bright beauty!

Chuck and the KidNot the biggest or the brightest, but obviously still really fun!!!

chris beach

I know your out there somewhere…

boatSo many miles, I sometimes wonder if the fish talk about how far the fisherman migrate in hopes of catching.

AceI think the quote was… “hatchery fish don’t fight like this”

Keith3Nice to get Kieth out for a day finally!!

Keith2Waterfall, drift boat, steelhead…  all great things

tangleSteelhead love trees, and trees love causing problems for steelhead fisherman.

spawnersA very common scene this time of year.  We will be seeing some fish on redds well into April.  Note the clean gravel under the fish.  Please let these fish be, make plans to catch their children.  You wouldn’t want someone picking a fight with you in this moment.

make love

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January 2016 winter steelhead.

January for us is a special month.  Its time for us to get our fish on.  We have been running all around the State of Jefferson and beyond,  sleeping on the side of rivers, in the truck and even the luxury of the well needed dry warm hotel room.  Can’t tell you how much fun its been.  Not all play though, were still doing our guide trips and if you want to get out and get some fishing in for yourself feel free to hit us up.  Hope to see you out there!!!

DSCN1028Having a beer with a dearly missed friend, big fuzz.

IMG_2703Coastal searching for green water.

DSCN1030 You can almost always find it on the Klamath

DSCN1033The Klamath river did finally blow out for a few days below Iron Gate dam for the first time in years.  We’re still out there getting the job done

kidKlamath River Winter Steelhead fishing

dadGreat looking Klamath fish!!!

fliesSpending some time at the vise

treesandfernsHow the hell did we get here???

truckand how did this guy get here???

IMG_2719Motel staff most likely hate fishermen.



chuck steelhead One of these counts as catching one.  We started the day off with 12 in the net.

chuck steelhead2







elk drop

Dropping in….IMG_2794










stew and chuckStew lands a nice wild buck

DamionDamion holding a beauty.  She tasted so good too!

CO crewA great day of Winter Steelhead fishing!  My old friends from Colorado came out to get in on some chrome lightning.  We hired Casey Malepsy and his buddy Robert to take us out with the spinning rods and man did we have a good time.  The boys went home with some great looking fish!

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Fall 2015 in the State of Jefferson.

It was a very successful Autumn season in the State of Jefferson.  Our local rivers held strong with many fishable days and good runs of steelhead, mixed with some of the best trout fishing of the season.  We haven’t been sharing many pictures this season, so this a great opportunity for you to see what Sept. Oct. Nov. and Dec 2015 brought to the Klamath River, McCloud River, Upper and Lower Sacramento Rivers, Rogue River, and the Trinity River.  Lots and lots of great photos here with contribution from all of the Wild Waters guides, our loyal clients, Adam McNamara, Tom Evenson, Darren Campbell, and Val Atkinson.  Please take the time to check them all out.

first snowA fresh snow on the mountain.  The first of the year.  The very next day, steelhead fishing on the Klamath at Paradise Point

chuckboatSometimes I have to stop and take a picture of the valley.  This time I decided to stand in the middle of the Interstate to get the truck and the boat in the shot.  Not a car passed the entire time I was stopped.  Sunrise and on the way to work

elliskitchen2Our first steelhead trip of the year happens in Sept.  Heres a shot of Ellis, setting up the kitchen and prepping for the next 4 days

Orvis Clearwater, Orvis Battenkill and a Airflo Rage.  This is a fantastic setup for spey casting/fishing on the Klamath River.

ellislights Looking pretty shiny…

pp1A look around Paradise Point



tent2 speytents Everyone gets out on the home water for a little lesson and chance to work out some of the kinks

spey123Spread em out, lay em out…

spey12 Just another run at Paradise Point

spey1and another

bigbarA good amount of gravel moved through the main stem Klamath this last Winter

nickoFish On!

With a concerning lack of half pounders early this season down on the lower Klamath it felt a bit like a different river.  Nick ropes a beautiful adult that ate on the dry line.

nick1On a few occasions we saw the Klamath river of last year, but those spots were few and far between this Sept.

1-22 I heart half pounders

nick12I really like it when there is a bunch of em in the spot where we’re gonna fish

U2Early morning Klamath river

UFishing until the sun comes up

sunflowersA great little nap spot.  Cold water, flowers, and mid day shade.

napspot2 I could see a few in the creek mouth


lonerangerThe Lone Ranger

ratherfollowYou see some crazy things down river.  This road is literally amazing.  So many turns.  Sometimes you get stuck behind this guy, but I guess that beats coming the other direction around this corner.

samSomes Bar Sam.  Stopping traffic to search my truck, one apple and he was on his way.  This is another animal you don’t want to hit on this road.

timJust before the salmon spawn.  Fish starting to react to eggs

brianmarzBrian Marz pulls hard against a giant King salmon

ijervuRyan holding his own against a Klamath steelhead

anthonyandleeAnthony and Lee headed to work

charlie2Charlie getting the job done down in Sasquatch country

charlieI heart half pounders… again

RickRick shows off a Klamath River beauty

BobandChuck Bob Martin and a beautiful Klamath river steelhead

BobandChuck2 And another…

Reid_ Reid with a hard fighting fish

RiedandchuckfunnyfaceHaving fun out there!  Not a problem when Bob and Reid get in the boat.

theseguysUpriver fish

glesgroupandycarlAndy and Carl arrive at the takeout with yet another happy group of fisherman

andycarlPushing till dark


net fishBig net stay wet…

JohndaveA shot downriver and a day of casting the spey rods

johnworkingJohn, hard at work

johnlessonAn off the water lesson.  This is so the first fish, doesn’t surprise anyone.  If you’ve never caught a steelhead before then you get this lesson first

toby2Toby holds a dandy Klamath river male

tobyand another
markMark with a hard earned native

hikeemuppulling up the waders… time to get serious

chuckdrinkingonthejobPulling off the bottle… time to get serious

AdamsphotossalmonpaintingfishRiver art!  About as cool as it gets…

AdamsphotossalmonpaintingThe whole thing… Awesome

AdamsphotosRobRob patiently selects a fly

adamsphotosFrankNothing like standing mid river, fishing a run

adamAdam McNamara holds one of the cleanest fish I had the pleasure of meeting all year.  We had a great time with a awesome group of people that stayed down at Paradise Point.  Adam thanks for putting this together and all your help.  
Picture perfect

perfectfishAbsolutely stunning, not a mark on him, its the color in the gill plate that gets me and the spots, look at those spots, no filter

chuckspurplefucker-2Yup pretty excited

chuckspurplefuckerGuide catch.  I just love steelhead fishing

adamsphotosChuckwadingFollow me…

adamsphotosChucksnaptstrait across…

adamsphotosChuckpockethold the rod up until it dumps in there… and hold on…

Wait, what?  Nothing?

Big net stay wet…

bignetbigfish2iphoneeditBig net stay wet

bignetstaywetBig net stay wet

carlchuckcrewOut doing what we do… having some fun!

carlboatCarl putting the boat online

carlPBR’s and a smile

blueskybluewaterSometimes it just looks so good out here


classic2classic close up

ianIan with the look of enjoyment

keepersNo explanation needed.  Only one Klamath hatchery fish for me this year, and it was a half pounder.  Keep the Wild Wild…

PBRTheres that PBR again…

petespeyPete makes it happen with his first spey cast



petechuck2We had a great time with you guys down at Paradise Point.  Thanks a bunch Drew, Pete and the rest of the crew for coming out to fish with us.



andyspicpetePlus one more great Klamath fish on a day with Andy

roguewithjimAA day on the Rogue helping out Jim and Rachel at Andras Outfitters

roguewithjimA3Thanks so much for the work guys!!  We always appreciate it!!

Jim Andras getting it done.

Best part about a day or two on the Rogue.  Kill a hatchery fish and bring it home for a dinner party.

hourglasschinaYet another beautiful Klamath river scene

moondown As the moon goes down, we’re on our way to work.  Beautiful drive down river



chuck camping

love coffee





Trintiy with andy

Andy and Rich



Dead guy ale



Rough wade

wild waters
















































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November 11, 2015 Fishing Report

The last two weeks on the McCloud River have been great. Silly numbers one day, the largest Rainbow I have ever seen caught another, big Brownies, and fall colors worthy of a portrait. The weather cooled, then it rained, and then the river lit up. It has been excellent fishing since but alas she closes this Sunday, November 15 for a much needed rest. Mark your calendar April 30, 2016 is when she opens again. In the mean time rest well this winter you beautiful living being, those of us who have been seduced by you will be back … God willing.
The Upper Sacramento River keeps rocking with the upper sections still showing many October Caddis. You are not going to get fish to come up on your big Oct. Caddis imitations on every cast but now is a good time to cast away with a dry/dropper setup. The fish are so anxious after seeing the ovipositing from these guys the last month that they can no longer control themselves. The suicidal fish just gotta have one of these choice bugs and their resistance meter is at zero. The lower sections have also been fishing well but your best bet on getting into fish is nymphing with my favorite choices …. LBS!!! Remember this river is open all winter but regs switch over t catch and release … no bait, dynamite or hand grenades. This river is an excellent fishery for big rainbows during the winter and our guides know it better than anyone else. Give us a call.

The Klamath River is giving up some very good steelhead days now. The Wild Waters Fly Fishing guys are covering the river from Happy Camp up to Iron Gate Dam and reporting good numbers of fish with fresh fish mixed in. Recent rains are helping things out along with a big temperature drop in the water. If you like this river or have thought about it now is the time to get on it and book a trip with us.

The Lower Sac is producing some nice fish as reported by Wild Waters Fly Fishing guides and the “egg bite” is still on. Another excellent choice I must say. Give us a shout.

Andy's Pics 4 Anthony LSac Nov. 2015 Brian Slusser McShane Trip Simon's Trip 2 Simon's trip 3 Simon's Trip PA290388 PA300390 PB010396

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October 28, 2015 Fishing Report

The Brownies have been active on the McCloud, the gorgeous fall weather continues and the October Caddis are blanketing the river the last couple of hours of daylight. The native browns as opposed to the less stylish Shasta Lake run browns are busting out in their finest colors to match the colors of fall. Also the McCloud Rainbows have joined in the gig …. they are all holding a dance card for you. It’s a spectacle that only occurs this time of year and you best get your ticket and pack your bags, there’s only a few more weeks left till “Party Over”.

The Upper Sac is also fishing well. The drill is nymph mornings and afternoons then when the October Caddis start their party use a stimmie/dropper. You will find the October Caddis concentrated from Sims up river and are especially THICK from Dunsmuir to Ney Springs.

The Klamath River just gets better and better each day with fresh fish showing from Happy Camp up to Iron Gate Dam. The last 3 weeks here have been memorable so enjoy the fish porn below …. wishing you were here.

Got Snow 1


PA140075 PA140078 PA140089 Brian & Keith 3

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Montana Daze

My annual tour of Montana recently took me through the southwestern part of the state. Along with my pals Buster and Derf we fished 8 rivers in 3 weeks either floating or wading. Bears and moose were encountered but we survived to fish another day. We used the full arsenal of flies and methods with the collateral damage being 3 broken rods. Mothers little helpers … 2 bottles of Ibuprofen for the sore knees and backs, 75 cappuccinos (I brought a machine) and copious quantities of pastries. Enjoy the shots and put this area on your bucket list.

Rick Cox



10382633_10206736451782467_4683933593736552354_n IMG_20150902_134839132


Bitterroot Boulder River Montana Skies Pastry 2 Pookey Shields River 2 Shields River



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Sept. 17th Fishing Report

The McCloud river is running with a little less color every day.  We are seeing very few hatching bugs (some) but fish still seam eager to eat in summer holding water.  The upper sac  is still low and clear but cold nights in Mt. Shasta have been helping the water temps stay down.  We eagerly await the large numbers of fish coming up the Klamath and Trinity rivers but patience is still in order for our sections of the river.  Guided steelhead trips officially start next week for us but the scouting has been fun.   As we approach the fall the Wild Waters calendar is filling up fast as just about every river we know turns on in its own way.  We hope to see you out there.

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September 3rd, 2015. Fishing Report.

There are signs of Fall on the horizon.  Colored leaves and cool nights, have things changing up here in the State of Jefferson. The McCloud River remains very colored up with about 28 inches of visibility, however the fish have been eating and looking healthy. We’ve had some epic battles with brutes and some wonderful fish to hand. Though there is very little dry fly action right now, some of our bigger rainbows were still taken off the surface. The Upper Sac has really benefited from the cool nights and some great fishing is being reported. The Lower Sacramento is to remain your best bet for big fish but if you put your ear in the Klamath River you can hear them coming.  A wad of salmon, steelhead and half pounders are pouring their way up the lower river and heading our way.  We are keeping a close eye on their progress.  It is an annual event and that time is here. They are coming.








To the rope at the Nature Conservancy.


Where the big one got away.










chuck and barr

So good to see you Barr!  We don’t get to do this enough anymore

Its that time of year again.  An awesome sunrise every morning!  Guides day off and were going fishing!Bobber and bead downWe put the bobber rod down to swing a run.

big fishWhat a treat!  These early fish are always a gamble.

little guySO PRETTY!

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August 20th 2015, Fishing Report.

The McCloud river is holding strong with 2′ or more of visibility.  We have been seeing some very healthy fish come to the net.  Hatches are not easy to find but fish have been reacting to a variety of different bugs throughout the day and into the evening.  On the Lower Sac fishing remains hot.  These fish are really showing what the Lower Sac is all about, with some of the fattest bellies on trout I have ever seen.  If you feel like trout are easy to land, your not fishing here.  The Upper Sac is low and clear and the upper sections have been providing some good fishing for the less experienced anglers.  McCloud Res. is full of fish and were not having any problem picking up good numbers on any given day.  Some hatches are still happening out there in the early morning and later part of the evening.

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August 13th fishing report

The McCloud blew out a few weeks ago and has been on a steady rate of recovery ever since. She’s back to her glacial color and providing some good fishing. Some big fish have made our anglers days while the average fish is still in the 10-12 inches. Afternoon hatches have been slim but the fish will still feed off the surface. Stick to your favorite attractors or match the yellow sally for best top water success. We will be out there a lot over the next weeks so stay tuned for more fishing reports on the McCloud River.


































Besides the McCloud, Our Guides have been on the Rogue catching some Salmon and Summer Steelhead.










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July 23, 2015 Mt. Shasta Fishing Report

Our past week on the Nor Cal rivers has brought successful summer days of fishing for clients. Yes there is plenty of water up here, all of our streams are flowing at healthy levels and the trout are enjoying the cool water during the warm summer.  Recent thunderstorms have even added a little flow to the rivers.  The McCloud River is running a bit off color but that has not stopped us from putting fish in the net. The 60 degree water is just the right recipe for these bows and browns … angling pressure is light so enjoy the bite. The Upper Sacramento River has been fishing well on the mid and upper sections.  On hot days we do not recommend fishing on the lower sections of the the river.   Nymphing and getting your flies down has been the ticket here.  Lake Siskiyou in the evenings is rewarding customers with a combo of trout and smallmouth bass.  McCloud Reservoir is looking great right now and we are seeing double digit days of fish to the boat. Anthony Carruesco reports the following for the Lower Sac …

The early morning and evening fishing down here in the Valley has been stellar. Good dry fly happening at last light. Half day is the way to go right now.

Looking for some summer fun, give us a shout at Wild Waters Fly Fishing!
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