6.8.10 McCloud still off color.

10 am at AH DI NA, McCloud off color. Pack it up,  grab the drift boat and head north to the Klamath to save the day.Mike has caught two monster browns (22″& 28″) and some huge rainbows with me on the McCloud and I was very excited to take him out again to show him some big fish on Green Drake dry flies. But, alas, the McCloud wished to be left alone so we did the long drive to the Klamath and threw dries. The fishing was not red hot but we caught plenty for a good day. I am very lucky to have a few tricks up my sleeve. There is never a time here in Northern California to hang up the rod and call it quits. The best time to go fishing is when you can.  I’m a guide who finds the best available fishing for any given circumstance. Thanks Mike, but we still have some business to do on the McCloud. See you again soon!

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