6.7.10 Klamathon Lodge

After two great days at the Klamathon Lodge, the owner and great guy John Jaques asked me to stay another and guide him and his best friend from Austin TX. What a pleasure it was to spend a day with two great guys.

Ray had a tradition of toasting every fish with the finest scotch, a dangerous custom in my boat but I dared not get in the way of tradition. Once half the bottle was empty and they were still setting the hook on time I realized these were seasoned vets. All day long, we cast Salmonflies and Golden Stones.  I have to say the fish gave tremendous spirit, fought hard, jumped high and gave a show for all.

Ray, John we must do this again! Till then.

I really want my regulars and new clients to experience not only this great hatch of Salmonflies and Golden Stones but also a stay at the Klamathon lodge. Soon this fantastic lodge will host some of the most spoiled fisherman spending a day in my boat and evenings in John Jaques fishing dream. He makes a great meal, a perfect cocktail and has the lodge set up just right.

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