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8.25.11 Kamloops on the Upper Sac

I simply love to hunt big fish, target them in their seasonal hang-outs, be at the right place at the right time. One great place to be is on the Lower Stretches of the Upper Sac. The Kamloops  (Shasta Lake Rainbows) are thick this year. 16-20″ fish on size 18 beatis. CLICK FOR PICS Continue Reading →

Lower Sac fishing good 8/23/11

Fishing was good on the Lower Sac.  The temp. in Redding was over 100.  This was our first of two days.  We took a day off, but tomorrow Scott and I are gonna hit it again.  I’m looking forward to it.  >>See more pics here. Continue Reading →

Girl Power! On the Preserve.

I’d hire Emma as a guide. She is a third generation Fly Fisher, and her father’s favorite fishing partner. By the way, we saw two more monster browns, one of them swims hauntingly in my dreams. Damn I wanted her to land that beast. Continue Reading →

McCloud River Fishing Report 8/4/11

Today I worked for the McCloud river famous, Ron Hart.  We fished through the heat of the day.  A few fish swam up to eat the dry but most were caught below the surface.  I had a great time on the water with Jim and Kevin.  Thanks so much for having me guys.  >>See more pics

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