8.25.11 Kamloops on the Upper Sac

I simply love to hunt big fish, target them in their seasonal hang-outs, be at the right place at the right time. One great place to be is on the Lower Stretches of the Upper Sac. The Kamloops  (Shasta Lake Rainbows) are thick this year. 16-20″ fish on size 18 beatis. CLICK FOR PICS

Jim and Juli are great clients, because they are really really into fly fishing but also totally relaxed about it, eager to learn it as a pastime rather than a sport. They cant claim to be beginners for much longer catching fish like these.

See you two soon. Remember to put a spool of tippet and some flies in your desk at work. Triple Surgeons, Improved Clinch and the Barrel Knot quiz next trip. Thanks for the Whiskey and Rye, I’m convinced my fly tying skills improved with just one glass.

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