Archive | December, 2010

12.16.10 Roman Loranc

This job allows me to meet interesting people and spend a whole day with them.  I have had the pleasure of guiding some great artist. Roman Loranc may be the finest printer in photography. His photo’s quality, mood and presence sets the standard for what I hope to achieve in my own photography. Though his art is majestic, he is only a man and like most needs to catch a steelhead now and then. This is where I come in. Continue Reading →

12.8.10 Klamath

As most of the Northern California rivers rage with high off color flows the Klamath below Iron Gate stays fishable. There are some big fish to be caught. If your wishing you were fishing come on up.

Fun in the sun

Blue skies shining on me, nothing but blue skies do I see.
I love having a client list that I can call last minute and have them take advantage of some good fishing and a blue sky forecast. Winter is a tough time for fishing guides, the weather can blow out rivers, be too cold to tie knots and only few clients are brave enough to fish all day in the cold, wet weather we steelheaders cherish. This father son duo had a great day and cant wait to come back. Plan your winter trip today. Continue Reading →