12.16.10 Roman Loranc

This job allows me to meet interesting people and spend a whole day with them.  I have had the pleasure of guiding some great artist. Roman Loranc may be the finest printer in photography. His photo’s quality, mood and presence sets the standard for what I hope to achieve in my own photography. Though his art is majestic, he is only a man and like most needs to catch a steelhead now and then. This is where I come in. Art gives you this moment of realization, a connection with humanity, a vivid understanding of why we are here. Catching a wild steelhead on a wild river with a fly rod, holding the silvery beast in your hands, looking into its eyes gives you this same moment of realization, a connection with nature and a vivid humbleness of why we are here.  Look every fish in the eyes, I’ll docent.

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