Winter storms up some nice fish.

December brings some serious weather and some nice Klamath fish. In a chartered plane, ten anglers flew in style on route to stay the night at the beautiful Klamathon Lodge and fish two days with Wild Waters Fly Fishing.

Thank you very much Ken for your generosity, kindness, continued patronage, toughness in fowl weather, quick hook set and friendship. You brought a great group.

The Klamathon Lodge run by John Jacques is simply amazing and a must stay for your group trip. John fed us in style, tucked us in, made us breakfast, packed our lunches, ran our shuttles, herded fish into the easy runs, had a blazing warm fire to come back to and listened to every single fish story intently. Both he and his wife and their lodge are fantastic.

Also thanks to the great local independent guides I contracted. I only use the best.
Chuck Volckhausen, Jim Roberts, Alan Blankenship, and Aaron Grabiel.

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