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The Fall Season Has Arrived

DePuy Spring Creek

DePuy Spring Creek

Just back from a road trip to WY/MT in time for the shoulder season here in Dogpatch. This is the time of year I lick my chops for the many choices that start to present themselves in the area. Both the Upper Sac and McCloud River have shown improvement in their fishing. The fish are starting to get active with the cooler water and cooler days/nights. Caddis, caddis and more caddis are showing on both rivers so make sure you have some Fox Poopahs, Birds Nest, Split Wing Caddis, EC Caddis and Elk Hare Caddis on hand. The “mythical” October Caddis are also pupating now so think about Cased Caddis and October Caddis emergers. Reports of some nice fish have been coming in on both rivers and it will only get better. Also reports of steelhead half pounders and adults are trickling in for the Trinity, Rogue, and Klamath (we know this river better than anyone). The salmon are arriving on the Lower Sac and the spawning fish will kick in the egg bite there. Don’t miss out on this excitement …. so many choices, so many rivers and so little time. Drift, walk/wade, spey, single handed NO PROBLEM! Wild Waters Fly Fishing will be more than happy to get you out on any of these rivers, CALL NOW and book a trip!!


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Last days of August on the McCloud


This August proved to be a productive month on the McCloud River.  Some hefty fish from the lake have reached the upper stretches surprising many anglers with incredible fights and acrobatic get aways. Gotta love it. The water clarity and temperature drastically changes from the upper stretches all the way down to Bollibokka. Up top it has about 2-3 feet of visibility while the lower river at Bollibokka is damn near gin clear. The algae seems to be the only downside to fishing this time of year and diligent fly cleaning is necessary.  Sadly, there are no real hatches and any mayfly that happens to get off the water gets waxed by awaiting dragonflies, mandibles slicing them in half in an unfair dogfight. However, fall is near and caddis hatches are scheduled. It will be a great time to swing through a riffle or skate a tail-out. We hope to see you out there.



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Photos by John Rickard








End Of Summer State Of Jefferson

McCloud SLAB ... Aint No Steelhead

McCloud SLAB … Aint No Steelhead

August is just about out of here, nights are getting longer, days are cooling down a bit and Osprey juveniles are spreading their wings and learning to fly. All signs that Fall is a few weeks away and starting to show … a welcoming after the hot daze of summer. Wild Waters Fly Fishing has still been having successful days on both the McCloud and Upper Sac though and it will only get better as the cool down kicks in and the fish get more active. Small bugs such as size 16 P.T., Micros, S&M, Birds Nest and Poopahs have been bringing grins to our clients. Fish hard, fish deep, fish the turbulence, and BE surgical …. the fish Gods will be kind to you. Nice thing about now is crowds are nonexistant on both rivers so for you nonsocial sorts you got it all for some me time. As usual I do expect a bump this Labor Day weekend of flatlanders but be forewarned we are predicted to have a cool down with temps in the 70’s.

For you Steelhead junkies reports of them in the lower Klamnath are coming in. Wild Waters is presenting a 4 day Orvis Spey Clinic next month  near Happy Camp at Paradise Point. We still have a few spots open so check it out and give us a shout if interested …..

Orvis in Paradise.

Yep proof they pump septic at Ah Di Na

Yep proof they pump septic at Ah Di Na


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