Orvis in Paradise.


Join Wild Waters Fly Fishing and Orvis
at Paradise Point for 4 days of guided fishing
and 5 nights at the camp.
September 16-21st, 2016.


Paradise Point is a 20 acre premier tent camp surrounded by National Forest,  with an incredible spey run right on the property.  We have hot showers, a covered meeting area, deluxe outdoor kitchen,  and wall tents with extremely comfortable cots and pads.   This is an ideal base camp for fishing steelhead on the Klamath river.




Welcome to Paradise Point



Paradise Point is an excellent place for tuning your skills  with the double handed rod and the swung fly. Days are filled with on the water lessons and guided fishing.  Learn the proper equipment and techniques used to cast and fish your spey rod, while you catch fish.





This is a camp facility and we please ask that you be prepared to eat meals served in a covered building without walls, fireside, in a picnic like setting.

Klamath River Spey Camp

Despite it’s remoteness Paradise Point is not hard to get to. The map above shows the closest commercial airports and Happy Camp hosts a private airstrip for the frequent flyer.  Hwy 96 follows the river and allows access and travel. Fortunately, Paradise Point does not have electricity, cell phone coverage or wi-fi.  The closest places to plug in are a 1/2 hours drive from the camp.  Remember many Bigfoot sightings have occurred near by.



Fall on the Klamath River is about as fishy as fishing gets. With runs of salmon, half-pounders and adult steelhead, the river comes alive. Wildlife abounds in a brilliant forest of firs, pines, oaks, maples, alders and madrones all showing vibrant fall colors. In the middle of this Wild and Scenic Klamath National Forest hides Paradise Point.  This is where delicious meals are prepared outdoors, by our Wild Waters’ chef in a charming covered setting.


_DSC1556-123 Wild Waters Fly Fishing is permitted on over 100 miles of Klamath National Forest and Six Rivers National Forest.  Paradise Point sits directly in the center of it all.



Dates: Sept. 16th through Sept. 21st   2016

Cost: $1800

Email info@wildwatersflyfishing.com 

or call 877-934-7466 to book now. 

These prime dates offer a great opportunity to fish steelhead with floating lines and flies that are on or near the surface.  Classic patterns of old work well and techniques that have been practiced for decades are brought to life.  We offer instruction on equipment, casting, presentation and technique in pursuit of the legendary numbers of half pounders and adult steelhead that swim the waters.

Sample itinerary

Sept. 16th
Paradise point opens @ 3 pm
Dinner @ 630

Guests have 2 hours of driving along the Klamath river coming from the East and 2 hours of driving along the Trinity and Klamath rivers coming from the West.  We recommend taking the day to get here, view the sights, enjoy the drive and fish your way to Paradise Point.

Sept 17th
7:30 AM – Coffee
8 AM- Breakfast
9 AM- Instruction and lessons
12:30 AM- Mid day break for lunch and rest
1 PM- Lunch is served
3 PM- Instruction and lessons continue
6 PM- Gear down for a drink and dinner

Wild Waters Fly Fishing does not provide any beer or alcohol on this trip.  SO BYOB

Sept. 18th
6AM- Coffee and breakfast to go.
6:30 AM- Depart with guides for fishing
10:30 AM- Return from fishing
11:00 AM- Lunch is served
3:30 PM- Depart with guides for fishing
8 PM- Dinner

Sept. 19th
6AM- Coffee and breakfast to go.
6:30 AM- Depart with guides for fishing
10:30 AM- Return from fishing
11:00 AM- Lunch is served
3:30 PM- Depart with guides for fishing
8 PM- Dinner

Sept. 20th
6AM- Coffee and breakfast to go.
6:30 AM- Depart with guides for fishing
10:30 AM- Return from fishing
11:00 AM- Lunch is served
3:30 PM- Depart with guides for fishing
8 PM- Dinner

Please note that these days begin early and end late.  The best fishing occurs when the sun is not on the water.  It is the difference of catching fish and not catching fish.  Most days in Sept. on the Klamath are hot and we plan this schedule seen above accordingly.

We have a plan B schedule which occurs under the conditions of cloud cover and rain.  This schedule can also be arranged by a guest if they care not to get up before the sun 3 days in a row.  The fishing hours can be much more casual if the clouds block out the sun during the day or if an angler is interested in lessons on casting and technique more than catching as many fish as possible.

Sept. 21st
Coffee and Breakfast will be ready to go early for the early bird fisherman.  For the rest of us we can sleep in and get breakfast at a normal hour and depart from Paradise Point.Check out is at 10 AM



Adult steelhead on the Klamath River average four pounds but are caught as big as 10. The Klamath River boasts huge numbers of this sought after legend and thus has historical status.


These juvenile steelhead vary in size from 12-18 inches and can rip line off the reel at awe inspiring rates. Half-Pounders pull hard, love the swung fly and splash you upon release. They are the majority of the fish population at this part of the season making them as fun of a target fishing gets.


The King Salmon, also known as Chinook, are hard fighting challenging fish. They will eat flies and take an eight-weight to the cork.  Although they are not often caught on flies like the steelhead of the Klamath river, they will eat a fly and often, one is enough.


Our guide service has the experience and expertise needed to provide a world class fly fishing trip. Watch this fun video to get further inspired.

The Double Handed Rod from Wild Waters on Vimeo.