Klamath River Fly Fishing 10.23.11

A great day out on Klamath river can sooth the soul.  I fished Chris and Nick from sun up to sun down.  We fished over ten miles of river.  A hard day of work never felt so good.

Chris is a fantastic spey caster.  I watched close as he tried his luck in a new spot. 

We caught a lot of steelhead today!!  This one was the biggest we put in the net.

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One Response to “Klamath River Fly Fishing 10.23.11”

  1. Chris Marto November 17, 2011 at 12:15 am #

    Best float I’ve ever had. GREAT TRIP CHUCK!!! So many awesome fish, too many to be believed. Also great was the tip about Stranahan’s. Had a taste in Ashland – needs to get me sum a dat.

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