Archive | July, 2010

7.31.10 Upper Sac fishing well for the big Kamloops.

I just had to check on a few of my favorite big fish spots on the Upper Sac.  I do love getting clients into big fish and often sacrifice my numbers for a chance or two at some special fishing opportunities we have here in the Mt Shasta region. We had a great morning of fishing. FYI Black berries need one more week of heat. Thanks to Aaron for the help, he is a quality guide and I am always pleased when he works for me.

7.21.10.Siskiyou Bass

A great evening of Smallmouth Bass Fishing.

The hex came out towards dark but it was all about the poppers before the hatch.

7.10-18.10 Vacation

On vacation to Idaho panhandle, see you next week. Stopped off at the Deschuttes and caught a fish on my first cast and 12 more that half hour. Watched my girl practically do the same.

7.9.10 Matt on the McCloud

I’ve had the luck and privilege of guiding Matt for 8 years now. We have a blast and catch a ton of fish together. Matt can fish very well, so when he asked me to take him to the McCloud I knew it was going to be a special day. We caught way more fish than we would ever count, but nothing huge. The vast majority of the fish caught were on the dry fly and I made Matt fall in love with this river. He already booked another day later this month. You should get in on this. Continue Reading →