Bob Searle

In 1972 I bought my first fly rod from Harry Wilson and Larry Kenney who at the time were working out of a garage on Cook Street in San Francisco. From those humble beginnings, they launched The Scott Pow-R-Ply Rod Company which grew into a major force in the fly rod industry. Back then I proudly referred to myself as a (Scott-Head). Although today I own fly rods from a variety of manufacturers, I will always affectionately remember those exciting times when it was all new to me and the north coast was full of fish. My passion for fly fishing has always been deeply rooted in steelhead fishing and the incredible and insatiable addiction that comes with swing fishing. In the pursuit of anadromous fishing, I had the good fortune to travel all over the world and in 1993, following that passion I opened Pacific Coast Anglers in San Ramon, California. Since the inception of Pacific Coast Anglers I have been accompanying clients all over the world providing not only my expertise as a fly fisherman but also my guidance as a well traveled angler. I have learned first hand the importance of planning ahead and attention to details turn a good fishing trip into a Great adventure.