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Sept. 17th Fishing Report

The McCloud river is running with a little less color every day.  We are seeing very few hatching bugs (some) but fish still seam eager to eat in summer holding water.  The upper sac  is still low and clear but cold nights in Mt. Shasta have been helping the water temps stay down.  We eagerly await the large numbers of fish coming up the Klamath and Trinity rivers but patience is still in order for our sections of the river.  Guided steelhead trips officially start next week for us but the scouting has been fun.   As we approach the fall the Wild Waters calendar is filling up fast as just about every river we know turns on in its own way.  We hope to see you out there.

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September 3rd, 2015. Fishing Report.

There are signs of Fall on the horizon.  Colored leaves and cool nights, have things changing up here in the State of Jefferson. The McCloud River remains very colored up with about 28 inches of visibility, however the fish have been eating and looking healthy. We’ve had some epic battles with brutes and some wonderful fish to hand. Though there is very little dry fly action right now, some of our bigger rainbows were still taken off the surface. The Upper Sac has really benefited from the cool nights and some great fishing is being reported. The Lower Sacramento is to remain your best bet for big fish but if you put your ear in the Klamath River you can hear them coming.  A wad of salmon, steelhead and half pounders are pouring their way up the lower river and heading our way.  We are keeping a close eye on their progress.  It is an annual event and that time is here. They are coming.








To the rope at the Nature Conservancy.


Where the big one got away.










chuck and barr

So good to see you Barr!  We don’t get to do this enough anymore

Its that time of year again.  An awesome sunrise every morning!  Guides day off and were going fishing!Bobber and bead downWe put the bobber rod down to swing a run.

big fishWhat a treat!  These early fish are always a gamble.

little guySO PRETTY!