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April 30th 2015, Northern California Fishing Report.

Great to be back on the McCloud river.  Another opening weekend blew by like the wind.  Just a tease as we start the journey on yet another season in the one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  Conditions were excellent and the fish were happy.  Anthony, Carl, Jim, Andy, Chuck and John all came back with happy clients and stories of success.  Thanks so much to the crew for your hard work and dedication.  Were are more than honored to have you guys on our team and we always appreciate your help.  Some awesome McCloud river photos here, if you want to get excited for one our favorite rivers, check em’ out.

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April 23, 2015 Fishing Report

The McCloud River opens this coming Saturday May 25. A recent look see shows the river in purrrrfect shape. A fairly wet winter and a couple of VERY BIG storms scoured the river clean and flows are sweet. Just to put things in perspective the rain gauge at the McCloud dam is currently reading 52 inches of rain which is pretty close to normal. Creeks and springs are running now that were dry last year … the same holds true for the Upper Sac… great conditions! The silver lining here is that we do not have to put up with snow runoff thus giving everyone an early season of normal flows. The poison oak, Chaparall Iris and Dogwood are busting out and a nice little hatch of flying ants was observed (put on an ant pattern). Caution when wading there are still fresh redds (spawning beds) around!! The Upper Sac is fishing very good right now. A midday hatch of March Browns is occurring and the stones are starting to show in numbers as the afternoon progresses.





Chaparall Iris


Meet Mr. Poison Oak


Don’t Tread On Me



Flying Ant Hatch … Fish Love Them


Where's Da Fish

Where’s Da Fish


Upper Sac Love


From A Trouts Eye View

April 16th, 2015. Fishing Report.

This last week we have been focussing on walk and wade trips on the Upper Sacramento River and drift boat trips on the Lower Sacramento River. Spring time rainbows are becoming more aggressive to the fly with the afternoon bite becoming reliable. Water temperatures have been all over the place.  Some recent snow in the hills melted quickly and the river has receded back to low and clear. Hatches of Beatis, PMD’s, March Browns, and some Caddis can entertain us dry fly fishermen but be on the look out for the monster of stoneflies, Pteronarcys aka Salmonflys. There have been reports of sightings. The Upper Sac offers quite the variety right now and however your pleasure of fishing for trout, it can accommodate.  Meanwhile, down river…  The Lower Sacramento river is still providing awesome fishing from Redding to Red Bluff and our drift boat guides are constantly bringing back happy clients. Some of our guides are still sniffing out large winter steelhead in Oregon. (its’ hard to quit) It is time to go fishing no matter whats your game, so come to Mt Shasta and get bent.


Guide Carl Mogerley has been finding his fish in all types of water.


10 foot 4 weight ready for anything on the Upper Sac.




Crystal clear water is so aesthetic to fish offering that wonderful moment of seeing the fish take your fly, but it requires a stealthy approach.



One last swing for the season.  A nice bright Sandy river fish in April.

nuther bright one

I drove up and met my friend Drew from California Trout (nice hat eh) in Portland and we went out to fish the Sandy river. Awesome float, beautiful canyon, and some quality steelhead to boot.  Thanks so much Sam, steelhead outfitters for taking us out on your raft.  Really cool trip down the river.  Can’t believe we saw next to nobody all day.


What a way to end the winter season, already giddy for next year.  Summer fish beware, your next….

matt nets dusty watchesBut we can’t forget about the Lower Sac.  Still a stronghold for great days of fishing.  Hard to beat right now, the sun is out, the nets are out and I hope to see, you out.

10906273_10205333654453396_369346142771523999_nThis must be the place!!!!

Northern California – Southern Oregon Fishing Report April 9, 2015

The steelhead fishing is nearing its end right now but a few fish are around in the Upper Rogue and Upper Klamath. Anthony Carruesco one of Wild Waters guides reports …  Lower Sac has continued to kick out some great fishing over the past week. Still, we have yet to see the bigger hatches that the spring usually gives up. There are some spring Caddis still around, PMDs, March Browns and a few Salmonflies, but not in great numbers yet. Probably a symptom of the low water and more silt covering the gravel than usual.. Despite the lack of big bugs hatching the fish are still very healthy and eating well … The river is starting to light up!

The Upper Sac continues to give up some nice fish as reported by Rick Cox. It is all about nymphing and getting your flies down this time of year. Both rivers will only continue to improve as Spring warms up.


Eric’s Nice Upper Sac Bow


Fish On Upper Sac !!


Upper Sac Daze


USac Kiss


Lower Sac courtesy of Anthony Carruesco

Anthony April

Lower Sac Courtesy of Anthony Carruesco

Anthony April 2

Lower Sac Courtesy of Anthony Carruesco

Anthony April 3

Lower Sac Courtesy of Anthony Carruesco



Northern California and Southern Oregon Fishing Report, April 2nd 2015.

Just wrapping up what has been an epic steelhead season on the Klamath, Rogue, Trinity and coastal rivers.  There is certainly still some fishing to be had for these special brutes.  Up next we start segwaying into trout fishing on the Lower Sacramento and Upper Sacramento Rivers. Rick Cox of Wild Waters Fly Fishing is reporting good results on the Upper Sac running nymphs from Dunsmuir downstream to Lakehead. Hatches are not happening yet in any significant numbers but fish are looking up to BWO’s, caddis and March browns. The Lower Sac also is fishing well with nymph’s being the most productive, but some PMD and caddis dry fly action can be had. The upcoming spring weather makes this river an ideal place for you to spend a day or two or three. Reports from Anthony Carruesco, Jim Roberts, Chuck and John are all exciting and we look forward to a great spring.




The Fishermen’s Spot’s client Peter came up to catch some fish with us.


Carl Mogerley holding a nice Rogue River hatchery fish.


Another day at the office…


and another….chuck2

A short break from the fish and attempt on some lizards.  Good to see you out James and Rachel nice treat running into you guys.


Rogue River kicking down some nice cutthroatcharlie

and some steelhead too!unknown

Back to work on the Lower Sacboys swimming

First for everything… at least that I’ve seen, these boys swam across the Lower Sac.  Thats cold, and a long ass way to go.  Water Polo players, those of you watching, don’t try this at home.


Spey Rod fish, Rogue River!chuck

Bobber Rod Fish, Rogue River!chuck sleeping

A steelhead season winding down.  I’m strait up tired!  Drive, fish, have fun, sleep, wake up do it again.
andy toad

This is what happens when your sleeping on the river!  Your buddy takes your picture then wakes you up for one of these.  Its a good life and the spring is just starting.


Upper Sac Starting To Produce


Hooked Up On USac


Upper Sac Rainbow Love