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Fishing Report March 26 2015


It’s officially spring and we’re enjoying amazing days on the river. Fishing has been fabulous as we finish up our last few steelhead days of the season. What a treat to do a couple guide days in a rain jacket, we’ve been so used to low n’ clear conditions, high n’ brown seem foreign.  As we leave our beloved steelhead rivers and start to focus on trout, it’s time to throw some dry flies. We will be sharing some secrets and techniques for the second year in a row at The Fishermen’s Spot in Southern California, April 11th & 12th. Come visit us at the  For those ready to dust off their trout rods, give us a shout and lets get out on the rivers.  The Lower Sacramento is fishing wonderfully as is the Upper Sac. Check out these great pics from last week.










Anna and Reed

anna laugh






















Bob Searle giving us a lesson on single hand swinging, aluminum prams, shooting heads and leaving the spey rod at home when on the small coastal streams and tiny steelhead rivers.





 Swinging the single hand rod.

















When you fall in the drink take a drink.




















Fishing Report March 12th 2015

March has arrived here in Northern California/Southern Oregon and we are seeing the continuation of great steelhead fishing and the uptick in trout fishing on the Lower and Upper Sacramento Rivers. Blooming flowers and trees are offering a color show after their winter hibernation along with mild warmer days. Winter steelhead are continuing to reward those chasing them on the Klamath, Trinity, Rogue and various other streams feeding into the Pacific. Steelhead fishing will continue to be solid through the month. The Lower Sac is really beginning to light up and March signals the caddis hatch there. The Upper Sac has recently dropped into shape and is offering up some good sized trout hungry after their long winter. Dust off that gear and get with it is myrecommendation! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Wild

Ah yes, a 2 handed flask for 2 handed fish

net job

Hunter and Anthony netting

Dusty, making sure everything goes right.

Hunter and Anthony

Oh Boy!  Literally the most exciting fight from this fish.  We covered 3 different Oregon and California rivers in almost as many days.  Sometimes chasing chrome means playing the conditions and were forced to break rule #1.  We leave fish to find fish.  Lots of miles on the truck and lots of miles in the drift boat.  Sometimes Winter steelhead fishing gets pretty intense and we have to give love to those who help make it happen.  Awesome camaraderie is the real reason we get out there.  Heres to sleeping next to the water in the winter.
chuck anthony-2

chuck anthony

Anthony strait up guided me into this one.  Thanks Bud!  What a great trip with you and Hunter. I’ll never forget this one.

chuck and anthony again

The Ron Jeremy of steelhead!

Chromer 3

Hunter Hutchinson guides for red fish in Louisiana, and hooked up with Anthony up in Alaska.  Great dude!  Check him out, today the color is chrome.  Chromer 2


Andy gets a big one!
su hog

Pretty fun stuff, thought it was the bottom for the first few seconds.  Then the bottom started to move, fast.

Chromer 4

anthony1anthony hunter2anthony hunter

Sunshine and winter fish, that pretty much sums it up for the last few weeks.  chromer John

John gets a nice one while we explore some new places.  fighting falls Carl fighting

All smiles after this battle


We helped out Jim and Rachel Andras, Andras Outfitters, with some Rogue river work.  Gotta support the habit a bit in the winter.  Thanks Guys we are always stoked to work with you!Male 2 Netarts house

The view from my window for a few nights in Netarts, OR.  Adam thanks so much for setting us up!  Really fun hanging out with everyone.

Mt. Shasta sunrise

Sometimes its so pretty you have to stop for a photo.  Sunrise Mt. Shasta, and were going fishing

House coast

Me and the ocean getting a selfie from the truck

Chuck fighting nestucca



Back to work.  The Lower Sac has been great so far and should be nothing but fun for the upcoming spring.  Yes its time to start thinking about trout again.Justin Anthony boat

Anthony putting the crew in the spot.  Crushing it!  Thanks so much for the trip on this one Anthony.  Always a great pleasure to work with you man. IMG_0871 IMG_0863 IMG_0860 IMG_0851 IMG_0808 IMG_0816 DSCN4341 DSCN4321 DSCN4303

Still swinging flies on the Klamath. Every run you step into provides an oppurtunity.

Well I know a guy who gets them in clear water

Oregon Coastal Steelhead

Oregon Coastal Steelhead, Close up

Oregon Coast


I spy, a coastal ghost.

Guide camp in paradise, first light.

Coastal steelhead bring out the grins

Can't fake that, just an old fashioned steelhead-head rush

Back on the Klamath, still finding fresh fish on the swing in march! Patrick gets his first steelhead on the spey rodSwinging flies in March on the Klamath.