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Klamath Fishing Report

As most of California’s and Southern Oregon rivers blew out last week from the big storm, the Klamath not only remained fishable but some nice fresh fish were around. The days are getting chilly, the water is colored and cold, but the smiles were big and bright. The boats are having awesome days on the Iron Gate stretch, side-drifting nymphs. Our spey guides are still putting fish on the line, but the days of dry-lining are over. Big flies down deep and slow. Much of the river below the tribs is still too high and colored but they will drop and clear soon, its best to be down there when they do. There are many possibilities coming up for some great Winter Steelheading.


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Klamath River Fishing Report


The Klamath River remains one of California’s best choice for steelhead fishing. The run was big this year and continual pushes of fresh fish keep showing up! The silly numbers of half-pounders have diminished and these days most of the fish caught are adults. The drift boats have been putting some nice fish in the nets but the numbers of adults caught on the swing these last few days is impressive. The days of our beautiful Scandi casting are temporarily over, the last few outing have been about getting deep and swinging slow. We are sitting this storm out, as it’s howling outside but we’ll be right back out there this weekend. It’s almost winter so expect to start seeing some big ones.


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The final Fall days on the Klamath River

Well… the word got out and it seems like the Klamath River is all the buzz.  It has been a phenomenal steelhead run with the vast majority being wild fish! We were busy busy busy busy and it seemed every trip was more than a success. Indeed the fish matter but a look at all the smiles will show that our idea of a successful trip is that they were FUN. As Klamath veterans know, the big ones come in December so we still have so much to look forward to.

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