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Planting Trees on the Shasta River

I spent a half day with a group of volunteers planting trees on The Nature Conservancy’s, Shasta river project at the Nelson Ranch.  The goal is one day, to fish here!  Even with The Nature Conservancy on its side, this river could use some help.  Its the closest Steelhead fishery to our front door and I fish it the least.  Lets get these fish back!!!!!!

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Southern Oregon, Northern Cali, March Madness

With no real rain storms, March has been open season on steelhead.  One big storm could close it all, but I can’t remember what a brown river looks like.  By mid April a winter fish could be a thing of the past and we’ll eagerly await the return of the summers.  Check out some pics from earlier this March!  Including a 38″ steelhead caught on the swing w/ Rich Zellman

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Lower Sac Fishing Report 03.17.13

Our guides have been having some tremendous fishing on the Lower Sac this past week.  Warm weather and hungry fish make for smiling faces.  We have good guides eager to take advantage of some great early season trout fishing.  Don’t leave it all to them, we expect good fishing to last for most of the early spring so get out there and get warmed up.

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Steelhead Green

We have been looking for that steelhead green and the steel curtain. Seeing the Chetco double in size we were hoping for some green water and some fresh fish. Not quite chromers and not quite green water but a damn good time. Continue Reading →

Upper Sac in February.

We have been spending some fun days trout fishing on the Upper Sacramento river. The water is low and clear for winter levels and good fish depends on a stealth presentation, The warmest part of  day produce the best fishing and some decent hatches. Continue Reading →