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Steelhead Fishing Klamath River 11.27.11

I had a really fun day out with my buddy Lindsey.  We caught some great fish.  The 10 day forecast shows nothing but sunshine and Wild Waters Fly Fishing is currently booking Dec. Steelhead fishing trip.  If you have been waiting for the crowds to thin and the winter fish to show, now is the time.

11.20.11 Klamath Fishing Report

Tis the season the big fish come and I was formally introduced to them today. We did farm a few but boated 13 adults. I guided Jerry and Stan through Jack Trout and they were great fun, in fact, “sizzlers of the week!” Thanks Jumping Jack Trout! See More Pics. Continue Reading →

Sunrise, Klamath River 11.19.11

The days are shorter now and the river was crowded today.  I was helping out Jim Roberts with a 2 boat trip.  We were the first boats out on the river in the morning and last boats off the water at dusk.  I had a great time fishing with Mike Pete and Logan, thanks Jim. Continue Reading →

11.9.11 Roman Loranc on the McCloud

Roman is an amazing photographer and it is always my pleasure to take him fishing. I get to pick his brain about photography whilst he picks mine about fishing. He wishes he had more time on the river instead of the darkroom and I wish I had more time in the darkroom. Look at his work.