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Steelhead Solitude in California

California has wilderness fishing opportunities. There are places wild, beautiful and so off the beaten path that they are fished less than fabled waters of Kamchatka. Nothing against other states but California is where I hang my lucky fishing hat. David has a lucky fishing guide and takes him most of the places he goes. Yesterday we saw nobody and  were on the… sorry I cant tell you where we were but this could of been you. Thanks David and Jesse for a great day.

Big winter fish showed up on the Klamath.

Just finished three great days on the Klamath and found some big winter fish had shown up.
On Saturday and Sunday John from the Klamathon Lodge, Chef Anne Dickey, Craig Neilson, Mike Hibbard, Jim Andres and I hosted, fished and fed the Cal Trout auction winners of our group donated steelhead package. The first day was a bit slow but on the second I witnessed a pod of about twenty porpoise up a run at about 15 knots and had good fishing all day. I had John in my boat both days and we had a great time fishing and a good time catching.

Monday I had Ken and Tim in my boat who drove up that morning from SF and going back home that night. Steelhead Junkies! Wonder what that makes me? The fishing was great all day and we landed 13 or 14 adult steelhead. The grab was hard, after months of the subtle take, these fish wanted it.

Fall on the Klamath

It was yet another fantastic fall on the Klamath. I’m booking next season now. Prime dates are October 15th until the end November. These days always book up so plan your 2010 fall steelhead trip now.

Never Cold

Its never cold, even when your line freezes, even when your fingers burn, even when you fall in, as long as you catch one.