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McCloud River Fishing Report Thursday July 14th

Bollibokka and the Nature Conservancy are experiences some phenomenal fishing, too bad its only for a couple hours a day. Mid-day is tougher out there. Some of our peers are boasting midges with 7x, but I don’t even own 7x. It has been great wet wading/swimming and though fishing this time of year is not a number game, at least some big ones are coming to the net. This is my favorite times to chase big trout. If you are a “match the hatch” fisherman, stick with the Yellow Sallies and PMDs. Caddis and stonefly nymphs are more important then their adult dry form, but soon the shady spots will have mid day caddis hatches worth fishing.  More and more bear sightings means there are some black berries to eat so no need to pack snacks. Have fun out there.















McCloud and Upper Sac Rivers Fishing Report June 9th 2016

The McCloud River and Upper Sacramento are both fishing very well. Expect slow times of the day as well as moments of brilliance as the trout are looking up and eating dries. PMDs Drakes and Golden Stones are all on the menu.


McCloud River double


Lindsay with a nice McCloud Loch Leven Brown.



Its in the net. McCloud River.


The McCloud


If you spot them.


You got them. McCloud River Loch Leven Brown.


The Filson vest with over 1500 days on it. Starting to look a bit worn.


First fish on a fly for Joal on the Upper Sacramento. Photo by Wild Waters Guide Carl Mogerley aka Carlos aka Klamath Carl.


Wet wading season on the Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley aka Carlos aka Klamath Carl.


The McCloud River’s glacial waters. Photo by Carl Mogerley aka Carlos aka Klamath Carl.


Upper Sacramento two hander. Photo by Carl Mogerley


Swinging soft hackles on the Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley.


Mark on the Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley.


The tracks of theUpper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley


Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley.


Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley


Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley


Fish On! Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley aka Carlos aka Klamath Carl.


Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley aka Carlos aka Klamath Carl.


Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley.


The beach on the McCloud River.


McCloud River


McCloud River


The McCloud River


The McCloud River


The McCloud River


Carl at work on the McCloud River

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

One of the greatest fisherman.

One of the greatest fisherman.

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

July 23, 2015 Mt. Shasta Fishing Report

Our past week on the Nor Cal rivers has brought successful summer days of fishing for clients. Yes there is plenty of water up here, all of our streams are flowing at healthy levels and the trout are enjoying the cool water during the warm summer.  Recent thunderstorms have even added a little flow to the rivers.  The McCloud River is running a bit off color but that has not stopped us from putting fish in the net. The 60 degree water is just the right recipe for these bows and browns … angling pressure is light so enjoy the bite. The Upper Sacramento River has been fishing well on the mid and upper sections.  On hot days we do not recommend fishing on the lower sections of the the river.   Nymphing and getting your flies down has been the ticket here.  Lake Siskiyou in the evenings is rewarding customers with a combo of trout and smallmouth bass.  McCloud Reservoir is looking great right now and we are seeing double digit days of fish to the boat. Anthony Carruesco reports the following for the Lower Sac …

The early morning and evening fishing down here in the Valley has been stellar. Good dry fly happening at last light. Half day is the way to go right now.

Looking for some summer fun, give us a shout at Wild Waters Fly Fishing!
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May 7th, 2015 Northern California Fishing Report


We are continuing to fish on the McCloud river, Upper Sac and Lower Sac.  In general the fishing has been fair to good.  We are seeing fish eat dry flies on the upper rivers and we only expect the hatches to grow each day.  The Lower Sac continues to be a strong hold of good fishing.  With all the trout streams open in California we have also been spending time on some lesser know waters.  The best trout fishing of the year is just around the corner.  Be ready!

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April 30th 2015, Northern California Fishing Report.

Great to be back on the McCloud river.  Another opening weekend blew by like the wind.  Just a tease as we start the journey on yet another season in the one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  Conditions were excellent and the fish were happy.  Anthony, Carl, Jim, Andy, Chuck and John all came back with happy clients and stories of success.  Thanks so much to the crew for your hard work and dedication.  Were are more than honored to have you guys on our team and we always appreciate your help.  Some awesome McCloud river photos here, if you want to get excited for one our favorite rivers, check em’ out.

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First days of Fall in the State of Jefferson.

We had a strange start to the Fall Season this year with our beloved McCloud blowing out for the second time this year. We were on the river the day it turned brown, due to the mud slide on the Mud Creek drainage. That made national news and the footage online is jaw dropping. Damn, the fishing prior was so much fun and some nice fish came to the net (see photos below). We have no idea how long the river will stay brown, but fortunately we have many other options here in the State of Jefferson. Our guides have been seen everywhere from the Rogue, Lower Sac, Trinity, Upper Sac, McCloud and Klamath rivers.


  David on the Rogue River.



 Sun gloves tail fish nicely.



 Bollibokka giving a great show after a quick rain.





















The McCloud won’t fish for days maybe weeks.




Jeffery on the Upper Sac.













Wild Waters Fly Fishing Weekly Report.

Wild Waters Fly Fishing had an amazing week on the McCloud River last week. The fishing has been good to great with some big fish showing up. The days are the longest of the year with over 14 hours of available light. The dry fly has still been the technique of choice but we will be switching up a bit as some bigger fish are showing up. Northern California and Southern Oregon’s rivers and lakes are at their all time best. Our bass lakes are exploding, and make for an amazing half day.  When the wind doesn’t blow. Major bugs to note are the Hexagenia, PMDs, Yellow Sallies and Golden Stones.

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State of Jefferson (Northern California and Southern Oregon) Fishing Report

The team at Wild Waters has been busy. Last week we’ve had some windy days with a substantial temperature drop, but still had some great trips. Most of our days are spent on the Upper and Lower Sacramento and the McCloud River. On the McCloud we have been mainly throwing dry flies. Mid-day yellow sallies and pmd’s are making the bite last throughout the day. Once the big goldens start dropping down from the trees around 5 pm the big rainbows turn to them and throwing the big bug can make for some awesome grabs. The Upper Sac is also fishing well with dry flies. Golden Stones everywhere!!  Take a look at some great photos from last week. We so appreciate all the business and look forward to taking you fishing soon.

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