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April 20th 2017 Fishing Report.

Our local waters are still under the influence of a wet wet wet winter and early spring. Our definition of fishability has changed a bit. We can’t wait any longer, its time to go fishing. Our best bets in and around Mount Shasta are the Lower Sacramento, McCloud Reservoir, and Lake Siskiyou.


With the most celebrated holiday of the year “Opening Weekend” of the McCloud River just over a week away, its time to get ready for that annual pilgrimage.

The Lower Sacramento in Redding is  running at 30,000 cfs, with some greenish brown water. It looks pretty rough out there… but its Spring and Springtime on the Lower Sac is as good as it gets. Regardless of the flows and color change, its fishing as good as can be expected. Chuck has been out there most days this week and reports plenty of fish being caught.








The McCloud Reservoir is seldom showcased on our fishing reports but is always a surprising underdog. This place is a virtual fish factory and a wonderful place to not only catch a bunch of fish, take kids fishing, but even a great place to harvest a couple trout for dinner. We had some grand fun with these kids and were able to bring our bounty to The Wild Waters Lounge in Mt Shasta and have Damion cook them up for us. We taught these kids the virtues of Catch and Release on full bellies while picking our teeth with the bones.





Lake Siskiyou in Mt Shasta is a ridiculously serene lake to spend the day fishing. Many fly anglers fish the Upper Sac that flows out of Lake Siskiyou but few have targeted Lake Siskiyou as a destination. This place does have a dedicated local following, and they all hate the fact that I’m writing about it. Casting streamers and swimming nymphs to the outcroppings and stump fields with an intermediate clear line and long leader will certainly be rewarded. For me there is no better place to cast a 5 weight again after a winter with the big sticks. Tuning up for the trout season.



On April 29th the McCloud opens to us trout fishermen. An annual pilgrimage that rivals any spiritual journey. However this year we have a few issues to deal with. Winter storms commonly blew out the McCloud and the high water changed the river substantially. The banks have been ripped of their vegetation and replaced with down trees, gravel beds too displaced, even huge boulders seem to have turned in the heavy flows. This may sound devastating but its not an unusual event, you can never dip your toe into the same river twice. Nature also has played a card in limiting access. Currently and most likely till mid May the road to Ah Di Na and the Conservancy is closed. Not far from the turn off the gravel road washed away and is in need of serious repair. From what I know, the Forest Service and private timber land owners are debating on who’s responsibility it is.


It seems the river will be left to the dedicated anglers willing to hike in from Ash Camp. Before you get your waders all wadded up in a bunch, know that there is a group of lady power hikers who are known to often hike from the dam to the rope on the conservancy… and back. From the PCT bridge to Ah Di Na is only an hour hike. Many anglers take pride in their vehicles that can drive them down the Nature Conservancy’s bumpy road in comfort, both the AC and AC/DC cranking, but this spring we hike.


We also expect some pretty high flows this spring and early summer. Quick safety talk…. she’s way stronger then you, be careful! Knowing where to fish and how to fish at high flows takes years of experience and many days of trial and error. We’ve seen these flows many times in the past. My humble opinion is that the river is fishable at anything below 2000k which allows about 10% of accessibility.

At 1200 cfs about 25% of our spots are fishable.

800 cfs = 50%

600 = 75%

400 cfs = 90%

and at 250 cfs 100% of our spots are fishable. As far as flies to use…Go big when its big.




Guide life in Mt. Shasta summer 2016

Its been a great summer and the crew at Wild Waters Fly Fishing has been helping people catch fish all over our local waters.  I couldn’t be more proud of the guys right now.  Great guide trips coming from all around.  Although the fishing has slowed on the McCloud and Upper Sac they still continue to produce everyday.  The help of a good guide might teach some of the tricks to mid summer success.  The Lower Sac continues to produce trout everyday as usual and some big ones are being hooked pretty regularly right now.  But its not all about work all the time.  We’ve been getting out and having some fun too.

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McCloud and Upper Sac Rivers Fishing Report June 9th 2016

The McCloud River and Upper Sacramento are both fishing very well. Expect slow times of the day as well as moments of brilliance as the trout are looking up and eating dries. PMDs Drakes and Golden Stones are all on the menu.


McCloud River double


Lindsay with a nice McCloud Loch Leven Brown.



Its in the net. McCloud River.


The McCloud


If you spot them.


You got them. McCloud River Loch Leven Brown.


The Filson vest with over 1500 days on it. Starting to look a bit worn.


First fish on a fly for Joal on the Upper Sacramento. Photo by Wild Waters Guide Carl Mogerley aka Carlos aka Klamath Carl.


Wet wading season on the Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley aka Carlos aka Klamath Carl.


The McCloud River’s glacial waters. Photo by Carl Mogerley aka Carlos aka Klamath Carl.


Upper Sacramento two hander. Photo by Carl Mogerley


Swinging soft hackles on the Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley.


Mark on the Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley.


The tracks of theUpper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley


Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley.


Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley


Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley


Fish On! Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley aka Carlos aka Klamath Carl.


Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley aka Carlos aka Klamath Carl.


Upper Sacramento. Photo by Carl Mogerley.


The beach on the McCloud River.


McCloud River


McCloud River


The McCloud River


The McCloud River


The McCloud River


Carl at work on the McCloud River

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

One of the greatest fisherman.

One of the greatest fisherman.

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

McCloud River. Photo by Chuck V

Mt Shasta area is fishing fantastic.

The waters around Mt Shasta, especially The Upper Sac and McCloud Rivers are fishing fantastic. Hatches of Grey and Green Drakes, PMDs and Golden Stones are prevalent. The fish have spread out throughout the pocket water and looking for a meal. Tie on some big bugs and let them fly. The McCloud saw some crowds over Memorial Weekend but most had great fishing. The Nature Conservancy was filled to capacity, but the fishing was so good everyone was smiling. With crystal clear water and crowds the fish are getting educated fast, but with proper approach and presentation they slam it.

What a great time to be on the McCloud and Upper Sacramento Rivers.  Enjoy some photos.

































Bass ponds and lakes have offered up some explosive takes on topwater in the early mornings












Part Toy / Part Tool but she is going to open up some new water for us!

Its a sad day when you find out your fishing buddy is moving away. But then you find out he is moving to Florida, buying a flats boat and selling you his raft.




September 3rd, 2015. Fishing Report.

There are signs of Fall on the horizon.  Colored leaves and cool nights, have things changing up here in the State of Jefferson. The McCloud River remains very colored up with about 28 inches of visibility, however the fish have been eating and looking healthy. We’ve had some epic battles with brutes and some wonderful fish to hand. Though there is very little dry fly action right now, some of our bigger rainbows were still taken off the surface. The Upper Sac has really benefited from the cool nights and some great fishing is being reported. The Lower Sacramento is to remain your best bet for big fish but if you put your ear in the Klamath River you can hear them coming.  A wad of salmon, steelhead and half pounders are pouring their way up the lower river and heading our way.  We are keeping a close eye on their progress.  It is an annual event and that time is here. They are coming.








To the rope at the Nature Conservancy.


Where the big one got away.










chuck and barr

So good to see you Barr!  We don’t get to do this enough anymore

Its that time of year again.  An awesome sunrise every morning!  Guides day off and were going fishing!Bobber and bead downWe put the bobber rod down to swing a run.

big fishWhat a treat!  These early fish are always a gamble.

little guySO PRETTY!

July 23, 2015 Mt. Shasta Fishing Report

Our past week on the Nor Cal rivers has brought successful summer days of fishing for clients. Yes there is plenty of water up here, all of our streams are flowing at healthy levels and the trout are enjoying the cool water during the warm summer.  Recent thunderstorms have even added a little flow to the rivers.  The McCloud River is running a bit off color but that has not stopped us from putting fish in the net. The 60 degree water is just the right recipe for these bows and browns … angling pressure is light so enjoy the bite. The Upper Sacramento River has been fishing well on the mid and upper sections.  On hot days we do not recommend fishing on the lower sections of the the river.   Nymphing and getting your flies down has been the ticket here.  Lake Siskiyou in the evenings is rewarding customers with a combo of trout and smallmouth bass.  McCloud Reservoir is looking great right now and we are seeing double digit days of fish to the boat. Anthony Carruesco reports the following for the Lower Sac …

The early morning and evening fishing down here in the Valley has been stellar. Good dry fly happening at last light. Half day is the way to go right now.

Looking for some summer fun, give us a shout at Wild Waters Fly Fishing!
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April 16th, 2015. Fishing Report.

This last week we have been focussing on walk and wade trips on the Upper Sacramento River and drift boat trips on the Lower Sacramento River. Spring time rainbows are becoming more aggressive to the fly with the afternoon bite becoming reliable. Water temperatures have been all over the place.  Some recent snow in the hills melted quickly and the river has receded back to low and clear. Hatches of Beatis, PMD’s, March Browns, and some Caddis can entertain us dry fly fishermen but be on the look out for the monster of stoneflies, Pteronarcys aka Salmonflys. There have been reports of sightings. The Upper Sac offers quite the variety right now and however your pleasure of fishing for trout, it can accommodate.  Meanwhile, down river…  The Lower Sacramento river is still providing awesome fishing from Redding to Red Bluff and our drift boat guides are constantly bringing back happy clients. Some of our guides are still sniffing out large winter steelhead in Oregon. (its’ hard to quit) It is time to go fishing no matter whats your game, so come to Mt Shasta and get bent.


Guide Carl Mogerley has been finding his fish in all types of water.


10 foot 4 weight ready for anything on the Upper Sac.




Crystal clear water is so aesthetic to fish offering that wonderful moment of seeing the fish take your fly, but it requires a stealthy approach.



One last swing for the season.  A nice bright Sandy river fish in April.

nuther bright one

I drove up and met my friend Drew from California Trout (nice hat eh) in Portland and we went out to fish the Sandy river. Awesome float, beautiful canyon, and some quality steelhead to boot.  Thanks so much Sam, steelhead outfitters for taking us out on your raft.  Really cool trip down the river.  Can’t believe we saw next to nobody all day.


What a way to end the winter season, already giddy for next year.  Summer fish beware, your next….

matt nets dusty watchesBut we can’t forget about the Lower Sac.  Still a stronghold for great days of fishing.  Hard to beat right now, the sun is out, the nets are out and I hope to see, you out.

10906273_10205333654453396_369346142771523999_nThis must be the place!!!!

Wild Waters Fly Fishing Weekly Report.

Wild Waters Fly Fishing had an amazing week on the McCloud River last week. The fishing has been good to great with some big fish showing up. The days are the longest of the year with over 14 hours of available light. The dry fly has still been the technique of choice but we will be switching up a bit as some bigger fish are showing up. Northern California and Southern Oregon’s rivers and lakes are at their all time best. Our bass lakes are exploding, and make for an amazing half day.  When the wind doesn’t blow. Major bugs to note are the Hexagenia, PMDs, Yellow Sallies and Golden Stones.

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State of Jefferson (Northern California and Southern Oregon) Fishing Report

The team at Wild Waters has been busy. Last week we’ve had some windy days with a substantial temperature drop, but still had some great trips. Most of our days are spent on the Upper and Lower Sacramento and the McCloud River. On the McCloud we have been mainly throwing dry flies. Mid-day yellow sallies and pmd’s are making the bite last throughout the day. Once the big goldens start dropping down from the trees around 5 pm the big rainbows turn to them and throwing the big bug can make for some awesome grabs. The Upper Sac is also fishing well with dry flies. Golden Stones everywhere!!  Take a look at some great photos from last week. We so appreciate all the business and look forward to taking you fishing soon.

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McCloud River Fishing Report

The McCloud River continues to deliver good fishing with lots of surface action.  The golden stones are out thick and the fish are on them. I’ve been casting the Orvis Superfine fiberglass rod and its been a treat to catch some hard pulling fish on glass. Slow down and enjoy the river. A few bigger browns found their way to the net last week, giving us a twist of whats to come! Be ready for Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, PMDs, Green Drakes, Grey Drakes and Hydrophysche Caddis.
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Northern California & Southern Oregon (State of Jefferson) Fishing Report.

The team at Wild Waters Fly Fishing has been guiding everywhere lately. Fishing has been a mix between good and excellent, because of changing weather patterns and windy days. The hatches have been pretty thick as our windshields can attest. May has been all about the dry fly and its been a treat to fish some of the bigger ones. Golden Stones, Grey Drakes, Green Drakes, and the Salmonfly. I like big bugs and I can not lie.

Beyond the Lower Sacramento’s stellar year most of the highlights have been on the McCloud, Klamath and Rogue Rivers.

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Spectacular Days on the Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River has been fishing amazing. Spring-time hatches and feeding frenzies!

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River


The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River



The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River


The Lower Sacramento

The Lower Sacramento

The Lower Sacramento

The Lower Sacramento

The Lower Sacramento

The Lower Sacramento


The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River