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February Fishing Report 2016

February brings Wild Waters Fly Fishing all over the place.   We’ve been in 3 different states, floating, wading, casting, hooking and last but not least,  some catching.  Unseasonable warm weather made for some great days out on the river.  The rains are back and California is swamped under some much needed water.  Spring conditions are right around the corner.  Hope to see you out there!!!



Klamath River Iron Gate always seems to have some nice fish around.










The call of the coast brings you back.



Happy Leap Year Birthday to Peter Sharer. Thanks for spending your birthday with us.


Lower Sac trout fishing has been fabulous and we are excited to spend some time chasing trout again.DSCN1064



sleeping at the north

Its hard work being a steelhead fisherman…  A nice warm day in Feb., plus a friend that wants to swing a run, plus a gravel bar, plus a hangover… equals nap time…


Yet another dog that wanted to fish with us.  This is Sadie.  I never met her owner but I’m thinking Sadie got let out to pee in the morning and decided my cott was a good place to go back to bed.

ocean view

Drive along the 101, and get to where you want to go, sometimes slow…

The Kid holds a nice one!!  @acflyfishing

Gabe Duran

Pedro and the Kid!!  with Gabe Duran


So shiny, so chrome!  Just a beautiful Coastal Steelhead


The Portal of Destiny


Anthony guides Chris into a chrome bright beauty!

Chuck and the KidNot the biggest or the brightest, but obviously still really fun!!!

chris beach

I know your out there somewhere…

boatSo many miles, I sometimes wonder if the fish talk about how far the fisherman migrate in hopes of catching.

AceI think the quote was… “hatchery fish don’t fight like this”

Keith3Nice to get Kieth out for a day finally!!

Keith2Waterfall, drift boat, steelhead…  all great things

tangleSteelhead love trees, and trees love causing problems for steelhead fisherman.

spawnersA very common scene this time of year.  We will be seeing some fish on redds well into April.  Note the clean gravel under the fish.  Please let these fish be, make plans to catch their children.  You wouldn’t want someone picking a fight with you in this moment.

make love

September 3rd, 2015. Fishing Report.

There are signs of Fall on the horizon.  Colored leaves and cool nights, have things changing up here in the State of Jefferson. The McCloud River remains very colored up with about 28 inches of visibility, however the fish have been eating and looking healthy. We’ve had some epic battles with brutes and some wonderful fish to hand. Though there is very little dry fly action right now, some of our bigger rainbows were still taken off the surface. The Upper Sac has really benefited from the cool nights and some great fishing is being reported. The Lower Sacramento is to remain your best bet for big fish but if you put your ear in the Klamath River you can hear them coming.  A wad of salmon, steelhead and half pounders are pouring their way up the lower river and heading our way.  We are keeping a close eye on their progress.  It is an annual event and that time is here. They are coming.








To the rope at the Nature Conservancy.


Where the big one got away.










chuck and barr

So good to see you Barr!  We don’t get to do this enough anymore

Its that time of year again.  An awesome sunrise every morning!  Guides day off and were going fishing!Bobber and bead downWe put the bobber rod down to swing a run.

big fishWhat a treat!  These early fish are always a gamble.

little guySO PRETTY!

June Fishing Report

The Mt Shasta region has been fishing well this summer.  The days are hot and long but there is no better place to be than in a cool river catching trout.  Junes highlight has been the McCloud River.  With great hatches it has been a dry fly fisherman’s dream. We went from salmonflies in the early days to golden stones, green drakes, and lately the pmd’s and yellow sallies.  Some large fish have crushed big stonefly patterns lately, just a couple of those kind of takes is all I need to smile big all day.  The McCloud should remain awesome but expect the upcoming full moon and hot weather to slow the bite.  As the water warms the dead drift becomes less meaningful, swing some soft hackles and hang on.

Meanwhile, other fisheries like the Sacramento have been delighting anglers with some big bows, drift trips on the Lower Sacramento have been great in the mornings or evenings, our guides have been reporting good dry fly action!

What the Hex else is there? Oh yeah, those big yellow mayflies are being eaten by bass and trout nightly.  Fifteen minutes of crazy fishing, dont tangle or break one off or you’ll miss the bite.

We have been busy but we still have openings and would love to get you on the water. Check out all these photos from our latest trips and go fish.

John gravy dogGuides night out after a day in the office.  We caught a bunch a backyard fish.

DSCN0050The McCloud River in June!  A dry fly fisherman’s dream.


Father sonLike father like son, Brooks and BT getting it done!

Thank You Jesus

DSCN0055They must just taste so good…


DSCN0071Emma, in proper form!



























John and Archie

John and Archie, holding some huge fish!Harrison2









DSC_0131 - Version 2




















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Winter brings, Winter steelhead

As the cold weather comes in, so do the Winter fish.  Its time to break out the big guns and the good jackets.  So far in our region mother nature has been fair with a good mix of heavy rain followed by some nice Winter sunshine.  The Klamath remains in great shape below the dam and tributaries are running clear at the moment.  We’ve been spending some time on the Rogue as well.  Also a bit of driving, looking for clear water.  We welcome you to take a look at how the winter has started off for us….But as for us we are heading back out.

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Klamath Fishing Report

As most of California’s and Southern Oregon rivers blew out last week from the big storm, the Klamath not only remained fishable but some nice fresh fish were around. The days are getting chilly, the water is colored and cold, but the smiles were big and bright. The boats are having awesome days on the Iron Gate stretch, side-drifting nymphs. Our spey guides are still putting fish on the line, but the days of dry-lining are over. Big flies down deep and slow. Much of the river below the tribs is still too high and colored but they will drop and clear soon, its best to be down there when they do. There are many possibilities coming up for some great Winter Steelheading.


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Klamath River Fishing Report


The Klamath River remains one of California’s best choice for steelhead fishing. The run was big this year and continual pushes of fresh fish keep showing up! The silly numbers of half-pounders have diminished and these days most of the fish caught are adults. The drift boats have been putting some nice fish in the nets but the numbers of adults caught on the swing these last few days is impressive. The days of our beautiful Scandi casting are temporarily over, the last few outing have been about getting deep and swinging slow. We are sitting this storm out, as it’s howling outside but we’ll be right back out there this weekend. It’s almost winter so expect to start seeing some big ones.


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The final Fall days on the Klamath River

Well… the word got out and it seems like the Klamath River is all the buzz.  It has been a phenomenal steelhead run with the vast majority being wild fish! We were busy busy busy busy and it seemed every trip was more than a success. Indeed the fish matter but a look at all the smiles will show that our idea of a successful trip is that they were FUN. As Klamath veterans know, the big ones come in December so we still have so much to look forward to.

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Klamath River Fall Fishing Report

The fall season on the Klamath River has been phenomenal. Special thanks to our loyal clients and to our steelhead guides, Anthony Carruesco, Jim Roberts, Carl Mogerley, Andy Marx, Brian Slusser, Ellis Augustini, Matt Formento, Chuck Volckhausen and John Rickard. The Klamath has been good to us! Regardless, if we were swinging runs or side-drifting, the steelhead were plentiful and on the bite! October flew by before we could show off our photos. Check them out.

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October Klamath River Steelhead!!!

Fall is here.  Cool nights and much needed rain have receded forest fires along the Klamath River.  The smoke is finally gone and fish are being caught throughout the river.  Salmon, steelhead and half pounders are finding the net’s of our guides.  Swinging flies with floating lines has been very productive. We love the traditional flies but those super pounders seem to chase anything that moves. Flows are a bit higher than normal coming out of Iron Gate dam and a second flow increase is predicted. Its a great time to go fishing in the State of Jefferson.

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State of Jefferson (Northern California and Southern Oregon) Fishing Report

The team at Wild Waters has been busy. Last week we’ve had some windy days with a substantial temperature drop, but still had some great trips. Most of our days are spent on the Upper and Lower Sacramento and the McCloud River. On the McCloud we have been mainly throwing dry flies. Mid-day yellow sallies and pmd’s are making the bite last throughout the day. Once the big goldens start dropping down from the trees around 5 pm the big rainbows turn to them and throwing the big bug can make for some awesome grabs. The Upper Sac is also fishing well with dry flies. Golden Stones everywhere!!  Take a look at some great photos from last week. We so appreciate all the business and look forward to taking you fishing soon.

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Northern California Southern Oregon Fishing Report

Here in the great State of Jefferson, the fishing has been very good. Its June and the dry fly action is at its best. The snow melt has subsided and we are at our summertime low flows. Last week Wild Waters Fly Fishing saw nice hatches of green drakes, pmds, caddis, abundant golden stones and of course the gargantuan salmonfly. After a month into the season, many of the fish have wised up and are only taking the best presentations. I’ve been fishing the Orvis Superfine Glass rod and loving its delicate placement of the fly. Its dry fly time!

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