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Fall 2015 in the State of Jefferson.

It was a very successful Autumn season in the State of Jefferson.  Our local rivers held strong with many fishable days and good runs of steelhead, mixed with some of the best trout fishing of the season.  We haven’t been sharing many pictures this season, so this a great opportunity for you to see what Sept. Oct. Nov. and Dec 2015 brought to the Klamath River, McCloud River, Upper and Lower Sacramento Rivers, Rogue River, and the Trinity River.  Lots and lots of great photos here with contribution from all of the Wild Waters guides, our loyal clients, Adam McNamara, Tom Evenson, Darren Campbell, and Val Atkinson.  Please take the time to check them all out.

first snowA fresh snow on the mountain.  The first of the year.  The very next day, steelhead fishing on the Klamath at Paradise Point

chuckboatSometimes I have to stop and take a picture of the valley.  This time I decided to stand in the middle of the Interstate to get the truck and the boat in the shot.  Not a car passed the entire time I was stopped.  Sunrise and on the way to work

elliskitchen2Our first steelhead trip of the year happens in Sept.  Heres a shot of Ellis, setting up the kitchen and prepping for the next 4 days

Orvis Clearwater, Orvis Battenkill and a Airflo Rage.  This is a fantastic setup for spey casting/fishing on the Klamath River.

ellislights Looking pretty shiny…

pp1A look around Paradise Point



tent2 speytents Everyone gets out on the home water for a little lesson and chance to work out some of the kinks

spey123Spread em out, lay em out…

spey12 Just another run at Paradise Point

spey1and another

bigbarA good amount of gravel moved through the main stem Klamath this last Winter

nickoFish On!

With a concerning lack of half pounders early this season down on the lower Klamath it felt a bit like a different river.  Nick ropes a beautiful adult that ate on the dry line.

nick1On a few occasions we saw the Klamath river of last year, but those spots were few and far between this Sept.

1-22 I heart half pounders

nick12I really like it when there is a bunch of em in the spot where we’re gonna fish

U2Early morning Klamath river

UFishing until the sun comes up

sunflowersA great little nap spot.  Cold water, flowers, and mid day shade.

napspot2 I could see a few in the creek mouth


lonerangerThe Lone Ranger

ratherfollowYou see some crazy things down river.  This road is literally amazing.  So many turns.  Sometimes you get stuck behind this guy, but I guess that beats coming the other direction around this corner.

samSomes Bar Sam.  Stopping traffic to search my truck, one apple and he was on his way.  This is another animal you don’t want to hit on this road.

timJust before the salmon spawn.  Fish starting to react to eggs

brianmarzBrian Marz pulls hard against a giant King salmon

ijervuRyan holding his own against a Klamath steelhead

anthonyandleeAnthony and Lee headed to work

charlie2Charlie getting the job done down in Sasquatch country

charlieI heart half pounders… again

RickRick shows off a Klamath River beauty

BobandChuck Bob Martin and a beautiful Klamath river steelhead

BobandChuck2 And another…

Reid_ Reid with a hard fighting fish

RiedandchuckfunnyfaceHaving fun out there!  Not a problem when Bob and Reid get in the boat.

theseguysUpriver fish

glesgroupandycarlAndy and Carl arrive at the takeout with yet another happy group of fisherman

andycarlPushing till dark


net fishBig net stay wet…

JohndaveA shot downriver and a day of casting the spey rods

johnworkingJohn, hard at work

johnlessonAn off the water lesson.  This is so the first fish, doesn’t surprise anyone.  If you’ve never caught a steelhead before then you get this lesson first

toby2Toby holds a dandy Klamath river male

tobyand another
markMark with a hard earned native

hikeemuppulling up the waders… time to get serious

chuckdrinkingonthejobPulling off the bottle… time to get serious

AdamsphotossalmonpaintingfishRiver art!  About as cool as it gets…

AdamsphotossalmonpaintingThe whole thing… Awesome

AdamsphotosRobRob patiently selects a fly

adamsphotosFrankNothing like standing mid river, fishing a run

adamAdam McNamara holds one of the cleanest fish I had the pleasure of meeting all year.  We had a great time with a awesome group of people that stayed down at Paradise Point.  Adam thanks for putting this together and all your help.  
Picture perfect

perfectfishAbsolutely stunning, not a mark on him, its the color in the gill plate that gets me and the spots, look at those spots, no filter

chuckspurplefucker-2Yup pretty excited

chuckspurplefuckerGuide catch.  I just love steelhead fishing

adamsphotosChuckwadingFollow me…

adamsphotosChucksnaptstrait across…

adamsphotosChuckpockethold the rod up until it dumps in there… and hold on…

Wait, what?  Nothing?

Big net stay wet…

bignetbigfish2iphoneeditBig net stay wet

bignetstaywetBig net stay wet

carlchuckcrewOut doing what we do… having some fun!

carlboatCarl putting the boat online

carlPBR’s and a smile

blueskybluewaterSometimes it just looks so good out here


classic2classic close up

ianIan with the look of enjoyment

keepersNo explanation needed.  Only one Klamath hatchery fish for me this year, and it was a half pounder.  Keep the Wild Wild…

PBRTheres that PBR again…

petespeyPete makes it happen with his first spey cast



petechuck2We had a great time with you guys down at Paradise Point.  Thanks a bunch Drew, Pete and the rest of the crew for coming out to fish with us.



andyspicpetePlus one more great Klamath fish on a day with Andy

roguewithjimAA day on the Rogue helping out Jim and Rachel at Andras Outfitters

roguewithjimA3Thanks so much for the work guys!!  We always appreciate it!!

Jim Andras getting it done.

Best part about a day or two on the Rogue.  Kill a hatchery fish and bring it home for a dinner party.

hourglasschinaYet another beautiful Klamath river scene

moondown As the moon goes down, we’re on our way to work.  Beautiful drive down river



chuck camping

love coffee





Trintiy with andy

Andy and Rich



Dead guy ale



Rough wade

wild waters
















































November 11, 2015 Fishing Report

The last two weeks on the McCloud River have been great. Silly numbers one day, the largest Rainbow I have ever seen caught another, big Brownies, and fall colors worthy of a portrait. The weather cooled, then it rained, and then the river lit up. It has been excellent fishing since but alas she closes this Sunday, November 15 for a much needed rest. Mark your calendar April 30, 2016 is when she opens again. In the mean time rest well this winter you beautiful living being, those of us who have been seduced by you will be back … God willing.
The Upper Sacramento River keeps rocking with the upper sections still showing many October Caddis. You are not going to get fish to come up on your big Oct. Caddis imitations on every cast but now is a good time to cast away with a dry/dropper setup. The fish are so anxious after seeing the ovipositing from these guys the last month that they can no longer control themselves. The suicidal fish just gotta have one of these choice bugs and their resistance meter is at zero. The lower sections have also been fishing well but your best bet on getting into fish is nymphing with my favorite choices …. LBS!!! Remember this river is open all winter but regs switch over t catch and release … no bait, dynamite or hand grenades. This river is an excellent fishery for big rainbows during the winter and our guides know it better than anyone else. Give us a call.

The Klamath River is giving up some very good steelhead days now. The Wild Waters Fly Fishing guys are covering the river from Happy Camp up to Iron Gate Dam and reporting good numbers of fish with fresh fish mixed in. Recent rains are helping things out along with a big temperature drop in the water. If you like this river or have thought about it now is the time to get on it and book a trip with us.

The Lower Sac is producing some nice fish as reported by Wild Waters Fly Fishing guides and the “egg bite” is still on. Another excellent choice I must say. Give us a shout.

Andy's Pics 4 Anthony LSac Nov. 2015 Brian Slusser McShane Trip Simon's Trip 2 Simon's trip 3 Simon's Trip PA290388 PA300390 PB010396

Klamath River Fishing Report


The Klamath River remains one of California’s best choice for steelhead fishing. The run was big this year and continual pushes of fresh fish keep showing up! The silly numbers of half-pounders have diminished and these days most of the fish caught are adults. The drift boats have been putting some nice fish in the nets but the numbers of adults caught on the swing these last few days is impressive. The days of our beautiful Scandi casting are temporarily over, the last few outing have been about getting deep and swinging slow. We are sitting this storm out, as it’s howling outside but we’ll be right back out there this weekend. It’s almost winter so expect to start seeing some big ones.


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The final Fall days on the Klamath River

Well… the word got out and it seems like the Klamath River is all the buzz.  It has been a phenomenal steelhead run with the vast majority being wild fish! We were busy busy busy busy and it seemed every trip was more than a success. Indeed the fish matter but a look at all the smiles will show that our idea of a successful trip is that they were FUN. As Klamath veterans know, the big ones come in December so we still have so much to look forward to.

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Klamath River Fall Fishing Report

The fall season on the Klamath River has been phenomenal. Special thanks to our loyal clients and to our steelhead guides, Anthony Carruesco, Jim Roberts, Carl Mogerley, Andy Marx, Brian Slusser, Ellis Augustini, Matt Formento, Chuck Volckhausen and John Rickard. The Klamath has been good to us! Regardless, if we were swinging runs or side-drifting, the steelhead were plentiful and on the bite! October flew by before we could show off our photos. Check them out.

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October Klamath River Steelhead!!!

Fall is here.  Cool nights and much needed rain have receded forest fires along the Klamath River.  The smoke is finally gone and fish are being caught throughout the river.  Salmon, steelhead and half pounders are finding the net’s of our guides.  Swinging flies with floating lines has been very productive. We love the traditional flies but those super pounders seem to chase anything that moves. Flows are a bit higher than normal coming out of Iron Gate dam and a second flow increase is predicted. Its a great time to go fishing in the State of Jefferson.

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First days of Fall in the State of Jefferson.

We had a strange start to the Fall Season this year with our beloved McCloud blowing out for the second time this year. We were on the river the day it turned brown, due to the mud slide on the Mud Creek drainage. That made national news and the footage online is jaw dropping. Damn, the fishing prior was so much fun and some nice fish came to the net (see photos below). We have no idea how long the river will stay brown, but fortunately we have many other options here in the State of Jefferson. Our guides have been seen everywhere from the Rogue, Lower Sac, Trinity, Upper Sac, McCloud and Klamath rivers.


  David on the Rogue River.



 Sun gloves tail fish nicely.



 Bollibokka giving a great show after a quick rain.





















The McCloud won’t fish for days maybe weeks.




Jeffery on the Upper Sac.