October Klamath River Steelhead!!!

Fall is here.  Cool nights and much needed rain have receded forest fires along the Klamath River.  The smoke is finally gone and fish are being caught throughout the river.  Salmon, steelhead and half pounders are finding the net’s of our guides.  Swinging flies with floating lines has been very productive. We love the traditional flies but those super pounders seem to chase anything that moves. Flows are a bit higher than normal coming out of Iron Gate dam and a second flow increase is predicted. Its a great time to go fishing in the State of Jefferson.

andy swings

Swing flies on the Klamath River


Jerry and a nice Klamath river steelhead.  First couple hours with a spey rod in hand.


then about 10 casts later

Robert Spey Brown

Bob, Working it…


A beautiful Klamath river chromer.  This fish ate so close to the surface we saw it, and it was furious about being fooled.

Eric Adema

A little late morning shade…

chuck and eric

Fun times….

chromer muddler

An extra bright 1/2 lber.  When I hold these guys I like to think that instead of them being a small steelhead, I’m a giant human.  It makes me laugh…

Bob Brown chuck2

…and getting it done

Andy king

We netted this king and it bit a hole in the net.  Literally


Anthony with a nice wild fish.  What a day!


Not bad for your first day.

down bridge

The lower Klamath River and an old bridge once washed away.


Nice run of good size fish this year.


First Jack on the fly for Tom.


All smiles on the Klamath River.


Fought so hard, I had to get out of the boat to net this one.


King Salmon on the Klamath River.


Steelhead or Super Pounder?


Nice quality Klamath steelhead.


The bonefishers in Happy Camp.


There is no tow hitch on the plane?


This awesome Klamath Steelhead ate a stonefly.


So far this run has not let me down. Swinging flies on the Klamath River.


Robert Spey Brown


So bright, mid day fish.


Super Pounder!

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  1. ike October 15, 2014 at 3:25 pm #

    boy you guys are rockin it!!!….always awesome to see good fish and happy fisherman…looks like a blast….keep up the good work
    hope to see you guys on the water!!!!

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