10.27.10 Klamath Fun

After a few days of rough weather and lots of rain the Klamath went off with fantastic fishing, chrome bright fish and numbers too high to count….

The crowds have been out but I’ve been sneaking away to less populated water.

This is a nice example of a chrome bright fish considering it is only 3 miles from its terminus. They must travel fast in the fowl weather.

My man David. This guy is one of the kindest men with a quick hook set, most men this nice are slow on the hook set, but he, with a smile and a twinkle in his eye, rips lips.

Success for me is spending days on the water with great fun guys. This is Ken, I love this guy. He knows how to have fun and is relaxed and appreciative of every fish, glimmer of wildlife, sunsets and our river conversations. I am truly grateful that I have such amazing clients. We are friends, we are fisherman.

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